InstaPurge Aftermath : One Instagram User Loses 3.6 Million Fake Followers, Revealing Only 8 Real Ones!

Popular photo-sharing and social networking site Instagram has started the process of systematically weeding out spam and fake accounts as part of its efforts to make its service more efficient and streamlined.

It's akin to what most people would call 'regular spring-cleaning' - supposedly no-biggie - but this recent maintenance activity has brought to light one of the most hideous and horrible practices of some famous users on that site: The unnecessary hoarding of fake followers.

I currently have more than 2,900 followers on my Instagram account. That's obviously not as many as that of celebrities and pseudo-celebs in the country -- but at least, I haven't lost even a single one of them after the initial round of 'the Great Instagram Purge'.

A lot of users though - especially pop singers and starlets who have millions followers - are not as lucky. As of today, for instance, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez have each lost 3,538,228, 1,529,206, and 1,116,032 followers, respectively.

You can view the complete list of Top Instagram Losers here.

But the user who takes the cake for having the most number of fake followers on Instagram is chiragchirag78 who lost a total of 3,660,460 after #InstaPurge -- revealing that he apparently only had 8 real accounts/people following him. Unbelievable.

Anyway, he has already deleted his account probably out of shame. SMH!

I don't really know what motivates people to acquire so many fake followers not just on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter (and I'm also not sure if it's something that they or their team did voluntarily) but - at the risk of sounding self-righteous - here's what I have to say about this issue:

Just keepin' it all real, TP Friends.