Meizu MX4 Gold and Silver Wings 32GB Variants Coming to the Philippines Soon!

I've already received confirmation from our friends at Novo7Tech that the limited edition 32 GB Gold and Silver Wings variants of the best-selling Meizu MX4 flagship smartphone are indeed coming to the Philippines either within this month - December 2014 - or very early in 2015.

Meizu MX4 32GB Gold, Meizu MX4 32GB Silver Wings

"Can you imagine, Mark? There are only 10,000 units of these limited edition models - out of the millions of Meizu MX4 units made - and the Philippines is getting a portion of them. I guess Meizu headquarters in China was impressed by the good sales performance of the 32GB model in country when we launched the handset here last month so they agreed to make those versions available here," Sir Adrian Lim, Novo7Tech's IT Director, told me during my meeting with their team last week.

He also shared that the 32GB version of Meizu MX4 surprisingly sells more in the Philippines than in other parts of the world. "It must be because they have easier access to cloud storage on the go so users in those countries only need the 16GB variant," he said.

Meizu MX4 32GB Gold, Meizu MX4 32GB Silver Wings
The White, Silver Wings, Grey, and Gold Meizu MX4 variants, respectively.

Meizu MX4 32GB Gold, Meizu MX4 32GB Silver Wings
The White and Silver Wings models look largely similar - flaunting the same white display bezel - but the latter has a glossy back panel complementing its 'silver' anodized aluminum side frame as opposed to matte white all-around on the former.

Currently, Meizu 32GB Grey variant sells in the Philippines via Novo7Tech for Php 16,990. Sir Adrian told me that since the Gold and Silver Wings versions are limited edition releases, they'd definitely cost more than the regular Grey model when they finally land here. "But it won't be by much. Maybe for just an additional one or two thousand pesos," he reassured me.