O+ Time Smartwatch Price is Just Php 1,999 : It Looks Great But What Exactly Can It Do?

"Hi guys! Is it true that O+ USA has started selling a smartwatch in the Philippines? One of my readers told me that he's seen a unit at Festival Mall. Thanks!"

That's what I emailed our friends from O+ last Wednesday afternoon and they promptly replied with a set of photos of the device as well as their confirmation of its availability. "Yes, Mark! It's called O+ Time and it sells for only Php 1,999."

O+ Time Smartwatch

I got the idea from TP Friend Marck Eco who sent me these tweets last Tuesday. Thanks for letting me know about this cool product, Marck!

Apart from how it looks and how much it costs, as yet, we know very little about O+ Time.  Just from looking at online posters, though, it appears that it's a smartwatch through and through as it can connect with your smartphone as a 'mobile sidekick' sending you alerts and notifications and it also has a number of cool features aside from being able to tell time.

O+ Time Smartwatch
Bluetooth-enabled and water-resistant, O+ Time can also work as a Pedometer and a Stopwatch and can even show you new text messages that you receive on your phone, let you make calls without touching your phone, and it can also work as a remote control when taking photos.

O+ Time Smartwatch

Our friends from the American company will be sending me an O+ Time smartwatch to play with and review within the next few days. I'm looking forward to it as I think this is one of their coolest products yet; I wonder what its internal specs are like and how well it hugs the wrist. Off hand, however, I love the way O+ Time looks; For me, design-wise, it's kind of a cross between Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartBand Talk. Handsome! I mean, not bad at all for a wearable that costs only Php 1,999.