Xiaomi Mistla Mini Car Could Sell for Only $6400 or Php 286,000

In just span of practically two years, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has managed not only to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world but also to make its brand synonymous to the term 'value for money'.

As the old adage goes, success attracts even more success -- and it appears that Xiaomi is now planning to expand its product line even further. The company currently has smartphones, tablets, powerbanks, fitness bands, and earphones in its catalogue and according to industry insiders, it's only a matter of time before - get this - a mini car gets included in the roster.

Xiaomi Mistla, Xiaomi Mini Car

Rumors about a possible Xiaomi Car started after Tesla bosses and never-before-seen cars were spotted just outside Xiaomi's headquarters in Beijing. These led fans to believe that there's something brewing between the two companies (a partnership, perhaps), which could herald the arrival of 'Mistla' -- a very affordable Super Mini car by the Chinese company, which could look more or less like the cute 4-seater Toyota Aygo (depicted above with a Xiaomi logo.)

Anonymous sources disclose that Xiaomi Mistla could feature an Android entertainment system with MIUI user interface and - in line with Xiaomi's 'value for money' proposition and marketing philosophy - could sell for only $6400 USD or roughly Php 286,000 with current conversation and before taxes and import duties. That's already totally affordable as far as small sedans in the Philippines - or anywhere else, for that matter - go.

Would you be willing to purchase this mini car if and when it becomes available in the Philippines, TP Friends? Let me know your thoughts about this Mistla by sharing them in the comments section below.

If you ask me, I love Xiaomi smartphones; I think Xiaomi is undeniably a great handset maker. But I'm not so sure if the company can indeed successfully pull off a Mini Car (even in partnership with Tesla) as it's not particularly in their area of expertise -- at least, as of writing. I'd love to be proven wrong, though, in this case.