HTC One M9 2015 Flagship Specs and Photos, Leaked!

If we were to believe the veracity of these freshly leaked photos and technical specifications of the upcoming HTC One M9, then we could say that the 2015 flagship of the Taiwanese company probably won't be all that different from last year's top-of-the-line release.

HTC One M9

I mean, just from looking at these images, it's obvious that this year's refresh to the HTC One line will have a curved metal back plate with white bands near either ends as well as dual front-facing speakers -- just like what we saw on the M8. One subtle difference in terms of design can be seen on the update's camera module which now takes the shape of a rounded square as opposed to a circle on the 2014 flagship. Unfortunately, though, the leaked shot above doesn't show the entirety of the phone's rear so we can't confirm if there's a secondary camera near the top like what's on the M8.

HTC One M9

As for the smartphone's technical specifications, it is said that HTC One M9 will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, have 3GB of RAM for multitasking, flaunt a 5 inch Full HD display (not QHD, interestingly enough), and feature a 20.7 MegaPixel autofocus camera with Dual Tone LED flash (goodbye, UltraPixel?). I'd say - apart from the display - these are pretty standard for a 2015 ultra-high-end release.

As always TP Friends, with every 'leaked information', we'd all do well to take these things with a grain salt; Though, I really think we could well be looking at photos of the genuine article. Thanks,!


1. HTC is expected to formally unveil the One M9 at this year's Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain on March 1 to 5.
2. HTC has already mellowed down its operations in the Philippines culminating in the closing of its local headquarters in January 2014.
3. Online sellers - including Kimstore, my trusted online store - continue to offer HTC products to Filipinos nationwide.