Samsung BlackBerry Acquisition Rumor Update

Times are hard for both Samsung and Blackberry, with Samsung not being able to reach its target sales in 2014 and Blackberry not being able to gather a larger slice of the market. 

A few days ago, we heard reports about Samsung wanting to acquire Blackberry to boost its corporate market presence. Back then, we didn't hear any confirmation from either company about the deal. Fortunately, Samsung has finally given an official statement regarding the issue.

Samsung BlackBerry
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J.K. Shin, Samsung’s Mobile Phone Division Head stated last January 19 that the Korean company has no intention to acquire BlackBerry -- instead, he said, the two companies are just going to develop their existing partnership. As of the moment, Samsung is in talks with Blackberry with regard to extending the scope of its cooperation in Samsung’s mobile division, specifically including the potential use of Blackberry technology in Samsung devices. If you guys remember, last November, Samsung and Blackberry announced that they both would team up to provide Android device owners better end-to-end security through both BES12 and Samsung KNOX.

Samsung has heavily invested in KNOX over the past few years despite its struggle to gain traction with the platform. In a recent interview, J.K Shin stated that “[Samsung is] satisfied with the progress of KNOX, including the quality of security and protection that it enables, and remain committed to KNOX over the long term.”

A reinforced partnership may prove to be useful for both of the companies, as Samsung and Blackberry both have a multitude of patents in their respective portfolios - Samsung having 110,000 patents globally as of 2013, while the Canadian handset giant has around 44,000 - and I believe many of those are related to mobile security. In the meantime, we’ll see how this alliance pans out for both companies as they progress towards the future.

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