I Wasn't Informed That Outsourcely.com Has Chosen Me to Be Their Model

So I was blogging yesterday afternoon when our good friend, Mr. Elijah Mendoza from Starmobile, sent me this curious message on Facebook.

"Is this you?" he said in the note with an attached screen-capture of a sponsored post on FB.

I hurriedly clicked on the file and lo and behold ~ I saw a photo of myself from 2009 in a promotional entry for Outsourcely.com.

Outsourcely, Mark Milan Macanas
I wasn't informed that the website has already gotten me as their image model. Haha. Essentially, they just got the shot from somewhere and used it on this Facebook post.

Mark Milan Macanas, Macbook Pro Philippines

Let me share with you the tech story behind that photo. It was taken by my good friend - and fellow blogger - Siege Malvar during the launch of Apple Snow Leopard operating system in the Philippines held at the Makati Shangrila Hotel last September 1, 2009. I remember I was so nervous during that time as it was one of the first events that I attended as a Pinoy technology blogger. * Now, that photo is making me feel nostalgic. * I launched TechPinas in November 28, 2008 and I feel blessed that from that day to that Apple event and until this very moment, I'm continuing to grow into this wonderful profession and I'm able to share what I learn about tech and gadgets with all of you guys. It's really been a great journey so far.


Anyway, for those who are wondering, Outsourcely.com is a job-matching website that saves entrepreneurs 70-80% per month in employee overhead by helping them find, hire and manage the most talented remote workers in the Philippines. Sounds great. And I really feel like this is a venture that I would want to support.

However, right now, I'm not sure if I should feel flattered that they chose my photo out of the millions of other shots that they could have gotten for that post or if I should charge them with my talent fee on top of royalties for use of that image that captures a memorable TechPinas moment. What do you think, TP Friends?