Pacquiao-Mayweather Second Fight in the Philippines : Smart Communications Chairman Manny Pangilinan Will Support It 100%, If It Happens

Smart-PLDT Chairman Mr. Manny Pangilinan had a friendly chat over video call with Pinoy boxing legend Mr. Manny Pacquiao last April 24, 2015 -- a little more than a week before the much anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in Las Vegas USA, which is already being called by sports analysts and fans as the Greatest Boxing Match of the Century.

Manny Pangilinan, Manny Pacquiao

In their conversation - filled with laughter and friendly banter - Mr. Pangilinan wished Pacquiao the best of luck in his upcoming fight and said that he's looking forward to seeing the boxing champ back in Manila soon to celebrate his victory.

The business tycoon also asked for pieces of advice from the sports legend on how Talk N' Text (a team owned by Pangilinan) can win the current PBA Finals series. "Ang importante depensa talaga kapag sa basketball [Defense is most important in basketball.] Yung opensa naman maeexecute nila nang mabuti yan kapag may depensa sila, [They can easily execute their offense if they have defense,]" shared Pacquiao - who also happens to be the playing coach of Team Kia Carnival in the PBA.

Before wrapping up their video call, Mr. Pangilinan told Pacman he will support a follow-up Pacquiao-Mayweather fight 100% if and when it happens in the Philippines. "Kung merong second fight, pwede dyan sa Pilipinas. Oo, Philippine Arena. Mag-usap po tayo pagbalik ko. [If there's a second fight, we can do it in the Philippines. We have Philippine Arena. Let's talk when I return home]," the boxing idol noted.

Smart-PLDT Group and Mr. Manny Pangilinan have been supporting Manny Pacquiao and his boxing matches for more than a decade already.