Xiaomi Powerbank 10,400mAh Basics : How to Quickly Spot a Fake Mi Powerbank

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that the disruptive Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has to face in its path towards world domination is the existence of expert counterfeiters coming from its very own homeland, which eat away at their potential earnings.

To quote their Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lei Jun, at a press conference in Beijing last April 9, 2015, "What is the biggest problem? There are many fakes. If there were no counterfeits, our sales would be double or triple. The product has been recognized by everyone."

Xiaomi's best-selling smartphones are a tad hard to fake but its Piston earphones and Mi Powerbanks - being simpler devices - have been the main target of smaller Chinese manufacturers that specialize in copying products. According to Bloomberg, "The smartphone maker sells at least three configurations of the Mi Power Bank on its website in China at prices ranging from about $7.90 to $21. At those prices, the revenue lost to counterfeiters would be equal to at least $115 million. The devices are produced by Jiangsu, China-based Zimi Corp., one of the startups backed by Xiaomi."

But counterfeit products are as much a problem of consumers as it is for legit OEMs. Often, fake products (that sell for the same amount as the genuine article, mind you) are not well made, unsafe to use (these things can explode), and are nowhere near the original in terms of capabilities - or in the case of powerbanks, the declared capacity.

For the benefit of consumers, allow me two share with you two distinguishing physical characteristics of a genuine 10,400 mAh Mi Powerbank that are currently absent on fake versions.

Xiaomi Powerbank, Xiaomi Powerbank Real vs Fake, Xiaomi Powerbank 10,400mah
First, original Xiaomi Powerbanks have a more pronounced or prominent Mi logo in front. This looks faded on fake versions. (Photo by MIUI.ES)

Xiaomi Powerbank, Xiaomi Powerbank Real vs Fake, Xiaomi Powerbank 10,400mah
Ironically, the fake's printed specs and declared capability at the bottom of the accessory look darker and as such, are a tad easier to read compared to that of the original. (Photo by PCPop)

Note that counterfeiters are always doing their best to create exact, 'mirror' copies of the original so they can fool consumers more easily and make more money. The best way to make sure that you're getting the genuine product is to purchase it from Xiaomi's official distributor in your country or from a trusted source with enough testimonials to back up its credibility.