O+ USA 2015 Affordable Android Smartphones Now Have Bigger Memory For The Same Amount

"It is our simple way of thanking our loyal supporters for being with us through the years. We also want to make them happier by giving them bigger memory on their phones for storing more photos and videos from their many life adventures with friends and family."

That's what our friends from O+ USA told me last week when I asked them why they decided to beef up the storage space on all of their best-selling 2015 midrange Android handsets.

I honestly think that it's a great gesture that their hardcore fans will surely appreciate.

O+ USA Bigger Memory, O+ USA Android Smartphones

O+ Ultra (YayaDub's phone), O+ 360 HD, and O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 now have 24GB of storage space from just having 8GB of ROM via an additional 16GB microSD card. O+ 8.38z and O+ 8.96, on the other hand, have been upgraded with 16GB and 12GB of memory from merely having 8GB and 4GB of ROM - respectively - with a free 8GB microSD included in the retail package.

You can now enjoy this generous upgrade from O+ USA when you purchase any of their above-mentioned smartphones from all O+ Concept Stores, Studios, Kiosks, and multi-brand outlets across the country.