Shopee: Great Mobile Marketplace for Selling Gadgets, Both New and Pre-Loved

“Mark does not sell his pre-loved gadgets. He loves them so much for him to consider ever letting them go.”

I think many of my close friends and long-time blog readers will tell you that. And for the most part, it’s true.

As a tech blogger and gadget enthusiast, I find it hard to let go of the electronic items and accessories in my collection for the sole reason that I care so much for all of them – even those that are already aging a bit. I guess I just have a really strong connection with the products. Every piece has a story.

But here’s the thing: I actually have some items in my collection that I have multiple units of and cool accessories that I want to share with my followers, so they can experience the gizmos – those that I deeply believe in -- without having to pay the full SRP.

My only concern is that I didn’t know of any totally secure online marketplace where I can put my beloved products and manage transactions without too much hassle. I mean, I already have a lot on my plate and I didn’t want to be stressed by the whole process of selling the items.

Good thing I recently discovered Shopee, which is an intuitive mobile marketplace that users can easily access on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

Shopee, Shopee App

For sellers, it is a great service that lets you quickly list your items to be sold and promote them on social networking sites. Setting up a shop is FREE. You can even keep track of your orders and transactions with the help of the Seller Assistant. Plus, build up your credibility by getting positive reviews and ratings from buyers.

Shopee, Shopee App

For buyers, Shopee is more secure than other marketplaces. Before making a purchase, you can always read reviews and check out ratings for each seller. And once you’ve chosen one who you think is worthy of your trust, you’ll have full confidence when making payments knowing that your money will only be sent to the seller once you’ve received the product -- that’s the Shopee Guarantee.

I’ve just opened my Shopee account and off hand, I’m loving the experience. It’s definitely something that I will recommend to other sellers regardless of what products they will be offering to buyers.

Stay tuned for the initial batch gadgets and accessories that I'll be selling via Shopee! I hope you find one in my list that you'd want to purchase.

Letting go of gadgets that I hold dear is never easy for me. But using a reliable, fast, and trustworthy service like Shopee to sell them to a new owner who will take care of them definitely makes the whole experience feel so much better.

Shopee, Shopee App

I’ll let you know how my experience with selling on Shopee goes in my next post. For now, you can download the app whether you’re on Android or iOS here: You may also follow Shopee via its official social media pages, namely,,, and