200,000 Alcatel Flash Android Smartphones Sold in Southeast Asia

Just like Asus and Lenovo - but clearly to a less degree - Chino-French smartphone maker Alcatel is likewise doing well not just in the Philippines but also in the entire Southeast Asian region.

In the 2016 Chinese New Year press article that company sent me earlier this week, they disclosed the sales figures that they achieved with their Flash, Flash Plus, and Flash 2 Android smartphone models in partnership with Lazada and all other distribution channels.

Alcatel Flash 2

According to Alcatel, they have sold nearly 200,000 units of their Flash series handsets, culminating in the affordable imaging-centric model, Alcatel Flash 2 shown in these photos.

Alcatel's Flash series entered the Southeast Asia markets in 2013 and built a considerable user base within a short time. Soon after, the Flash Plus made a phenomenal success in the e-commerce platforms in region, setting the record of selling 1,000 units in one minute for four consecutive times in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Alcatel Flash 2

Furthermore, the Flash 2, which was launched less than half a year ago, became one of the most popular smartphones in Southeast Asia where 83.55 million mobile phone units and other products were sold, according to TCL Communication. This includes the 90-percent sales margin contributed by overseas markets, more particularly in Southeast Asia where the Flash brand has gained ground in.

How did Flash made its rise in the Southeast Asia in a short two years and became one of the most popular brands? "Aside from its top-of-the-line mobile photography capabilities and optimum performance, the Flash brand has also successfully capitalized on the golden age of smartphones in Southeast Asia," Alcatel shares.

Alcatel Flash 2

According to statistics, since smartphones in Southeast Asia have already outnumbered the local population with many people owning more than one phone, there is a significant demand for smartphones. Another contributor to Flash’s success is its partnership with Lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, which provides access and conveniently delivers products to 550 million consumers.

On top of that, as an owner of Alcatel Flash 2, I can honestly say that the company was able to achieve their success using the right ingredients and by taking the correct paths. To specific, this model is fairly affordable and yet it already has a good display and above average imaging capabilities. The Android experience is 'vanilla' and it doesn't come with bloatware. There are a handful of things that other companies can learn from Alcatel, really.

New Flash Sale Alert! Alcatel Flash is set to join hands with Lazada to offer a New Year Gift Package to the buyers of Flash 2 phones on the largest e-commerce platform’s Chinese New Year grand sale celebration. With the theme “No Excuse to Miss Flash 2,” the promotion is designed to show Alcatel Flash’s appreciation for the loyalty of its customers in Southeast Asia in making Alcatel a part of their everyday moments.

“We hope that through this simple promotion, we will be able to express our sincerest appreciation to all our customers who are capturing special moments using the Flash 2. Now that another fruitful year is coming in full stride, we want families and friends to stay closer especially now that we will soon reveal two new Flash 2 covers: the Rose Gold and the Mica White," said Mr. Yogi Babria, E-Commerce Operations Director and Mobile Internet Group of TCL Communication, Alcatel's partner company in China.