'How to Survive a Breakup' Facebook Video Ad by Smart Communications Gets One Million Organic Views in Just Two Days!

Two days ago - February 11, 2016 - Smart Communications launched a video campaign on Facebook in line with this year's Valentine's Day - uhm - celebrations.

Unlike similar 'love month' clips from various brands we've seen in the past, though, this one does not particularly focus on all the cheesy and romantic activities that lovers do; Rather, it's about heartbreak and how our friends can help us recover with the seemingly simple act of sharing.

How To Survive a Breakup

Smart's February 2016 #FriendsShareData video ad shows a guy - most probably in his early 20's - who's still in the process of fully letting go of his former lover. While stalking his ex girlfriend on Instagram, he accidentally liked her photo as his tear fell on the screen and he tried to scroll down the page. Shocked at his own carelessness and enveloped with panic, he frantically tried to unlike the photo but as his incredible luck would have it, his data allocation ran out right after that 'IG heart' turned red! Guess who saved the day and his face? Watch the video below.

How to Survive a Breakup
Ever found yourself stalking your ex while hustling through a heartbreak? This one's for you (and for the friends that help you see it through).
Posted by Smart Communications, Inc. on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Amazingly, in just two days, this video ad from Smart Communications was able to get a whopping one million organic videos on Facebook! Organic means that Smart didn't post the clip as a sponsored entry or paid FB for it to reach a set number of users. This also means that many of those who saw the video liked it or at least, found it interesting enough to share with their family and friends on the social networking site.

So what exactly made this clip work? I think that aside from being relevant to the season, the ad is also real and heartfelt. It's always refreshing to see a technology brand or company employing emotions to promote their product and services. In fact, very few tech companies - including Apple - can pull off a campaign like this and I'm happy that Smart was daring and creative enough to advertise along the same lines.