Apple iPhone SE 2016 : Four Reasons Why Apple Has A New 4-inch iPhone

American technology giant Apple Inc. is expected to formally unveil a new 4-inch iPhone at its March 21 Event happening in San Francisco, California just a few hours from now.

Considering the sheer number of iPhone models and variants that the Cupertino company is actively offering consumers across the globe as of writing (namely, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and all of their color and internal storage options), I can understand totally why some would wonder if there's really a need for Apple to launch yet another version of the iPhone -- and a small model at that, in this era of phablets.

Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 2016 Line-up
At least until Q3 this year, you can get the iPhone with three display sizes; The iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, the iPhone 6 and 6s have a 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 pixels screen, and the new iPhone SE flaunts an 1136 x 650 pixels display panel.

Well, for those who are doubting Apple's strategy for offering this new 4-inch device this year, allow me to give you four possible reasons - in simple terms - why it makes sense for the company to push through with the idea.

1. Many iPhone fans still want a smaller handset. Just visit forums or talk to your friends who are still clinging to their iPhone 5 or 5S and you'll realize that there are plenty of consumers who prefer to have a smartphone that fits perfectly in the hand, pocket, or handbag. Many of them won't upgrade to the newer iPhones only because they deem those models 'too big' -- but they do feel that they already need to level-up to a faster and more powerful device -- with performance approximating that of fresh Apple phablets. The iPhone SE will be perfect for them.

2. Apple needs something to make additional profit from, in between big iPhone launches in Q3. For the past two years, Apple has relied on a duo of new iPhone models to get major money from -- but the bulk of the income coming from those releases only flow heavily within the two or three months following their launch. Sure, Apple has the iPad line but tablet sales - in general - are on the downturn. Not that the company is struggling financially (far from it, actually) but having a device to earn big moolah from in between bigger iPhone launches is certainly a promising idea.

3. A lot of handset companies are making big money in the midrange price bracket. Many smartphone brands - especially those in China - have achieved great success by releasing feature-packed flagship models that have far more affordable price tag compared to the current iPhones. By releasing the slightly-budget-friendly but far smaller iPhone SE, Apple can indeed make mid-level consumers think twice about spending their money on competing devices -- if only because of that Apple logo and all the intangibles that the Cupertino-brand is known for. I think it's a brilliant pricing strategy that doesn't sacrifice the overall image of the iPhone.

4. Apple needs an iPhone that will resonate with young consumers. Let's face it. While iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are aspirational for young mobile users (who will make up Apple's future market base), those are just way too expensive for those who are still in school or on their first job -- plus the image of those devices is hardly fun or chill. In fact, Nokia and Microsoft have previously made fun of Apple because of that, if you remember. Two years ago, to address that, the American company tried to come up with a product for hip consumers, which was the colorful iPhone 5C. Unfortunately, that model didn't do particularly well largely because of its cheap construction and lackluster internal hardware. Well, Apple has learned from its mistakes and as such, it has given the new iPhone SE an anodized aluminum frame in various striking hues and a set of innards similar to that of the beastly Apple iPhone 6s. Not to mention, iPhone SE is also very affordable for an Apple handset with SRP starting at $399, making it ideal for students who are still relying on savings from their allowance when purchasing gadgets.

Do you agree with these four reasons? Do you think consumers will embrace the iPhone SE or will it suffer the same fate as the iPhone 5C? Share your thougts with me and our community, TP Friends! Thanks!