The Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Grads are IT-Related, According 2016 Jobstreet Salary Report

My first job fresh out of college in 2004 was as a researcher in a non-profit organization based inside my alma mater, Ateneo de Manila University. It is called 'Pathways to Higher Education', which is guided by its vision of providing quality higher education (via the top universities in the country) to smart, talented, and deserving public high school students who may be financially under-privileged but are dreaming of providing a better life for their families.

It wasn't the highest paying job -- but being a part of that amazing group taught me values and work ethics that I still carry with me to this day. In Pathways, I learned how to work efficiently with smart team members, to be humble and to be kind to everyone, to deliver more than what's expected from me, and to care for other people selflessly. In hindsight, that experience greatly enriched me as a person -- so even if I could go back in time, I don't think I'd trade it for a higher paying job.

If you ask me, fresh graduates would do well to aspire to work for a company or an organization where they can learn important life skills that they can use as they climb the corporate ladder or step out of their comfort zone to start their own ventures. Think of it as laying down a solid foundation for bigger things ahead. Sometimes you can get that from a first job that pays well -- but in most cases, you'll really have to start with a profession that pays meager salary.

Given that, for me, money should not be the main consideration when choosing a first job -- because you don't want it to get in the way of signing up or applying for a job where you can learn the most.

But that's just me.

I know that there are students who are now wondering which professions in the Philippines pay fresh graduates the highest salaries. Armed with that knowledge, they are keen to steer their academics towards a career that can benefit them most financially.

And I totally understand where they're coming from. I mean, just consider the amount of money that our parents have spent to send us to school and how expensive our daily commodities have become.

If you're one of them, I'm sure you'd appreciate seeing this list of the highest paying jobs for Pinoy fresh grads that Jobstreet included in their 2016 Salary Report. All figures presented in the table are average entry-level salaries based on job openings posted by employers the website from October to December 2015.

Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Grads 2016

With average entry level salary of Php 22,567, IT-Related jobs offer the highest salaries for fresh grads, according to data by Jobstreet. Software development, server management, electronics after-sales support are only some professions covered by this category, which had an average entry-level salary rise of 0.3% from 2014.

IT-Related jobs are followed by Actuarial (operations and risk management analysts), Legal (law firm staff, legal clerks), and Health-Related (nursing aides, nurses, medical technologists) professions as top paying for fresh graduates with Php 21,391 (7.4% increase vs 2014), Php 21,132 (0.8% up), and Php 20,048 (1.8% rise) average entry-level salaries for the period covered.

High Paying Jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Grads 2016

Entry-level jobs related to Journalism (foreign language translators, online content writers), Training and Development (communications coaches, BPO trainers), Quality Control and Assurance (QA testers), Public Relations and Communications (PR associates, media managers), Merchandising (store managers, mall section managers), and Customer Service (chat support representatives, technical support staff) complete the list with Php 19,808, Php 19,723, Php 19,337, Php 19,242, Php 19,095, and Php 19,036 average monthly salaries for fresh grads, respectively.

Interestingly, entry-level jobs in Merchandising saw the biggest increase in salary at 42.5% compared to 2014. (I'm guessing it's because of all those international retail companies that are opening stores in the Philippines.) While pay for Training and Development jobs for employees who've just graduated saw a rise of 28.4%. (Perhaps because of higher demand for trainers in BPOs.)

I know many of my readers are students who love technology and gadgets so I'm sure that you guys are very happy to learn that what you're currently passionate about can potentially become a great source of income when you start working.

But then, as your 'kuya' or older brother, I hope you'd also listen to my advice of choosing a first job that can really help you mature as a person and grow not just financially but in all aspects of your being. I hope that all of you would eventually have a fulfilling profession that's indistinguishable from your passion; Just like that I can say now about my job as a technology blogger.