Smart Big Bytes 99, 299, 799 : Revisiting Smart's 30-Day Mobile Data Promos

"Kuya Mac, what's the minimum amount that I have to spend if I want to stay connected on my smartphone via mobile data for one whole month?"

That's one of the many tech-related questions that my cousin - who's a Smart Prepaid subscriber - asked me last Saturday during our family reunion.

Many of my readers have also been sending me DM's on Twitter and FB Messages regarding that ever since Android smartphones reached sub-Php 3,000 price point -- thanks to our local handset companies.

Smart Big Bytes

To answer the question, the most budget-friendly 30-day Mobile Data prepaid promo that Smart Communications is currently offering is Smart Big Bytes 99, which gives users 200MB of data allocation plus 1.1GB for Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, and Skype Qik, good for one month! If you are good at 'budgeting' your mobile data consumption (by using apps like Facebook Lite or Opera Mini) and you already have WiFi connection at home and in the office, Php 99 is really all the amount you need to stay connected on your social networking accounts anytime, anywhere. To register to Smart Big Bytes 99, just make sure you have enough load to cover it and text BIG99 to 9999. It's that easy.

Smart Big Bytes

If you're a mobile warrior and your business or profession requires you to regularly share photos via email or social media, you might want to consider subscribing to Smart Big Bytes 299 instead, which will give you 1.7 GB of mobile data allowance plus the 1.1GB for accessing the above-mentioned video-centric applications. Coming from Smart Big Bytes 99, you just need to pay three times more and you can already enjoy 8.5 times the data allocation! Sweet, eh? This one's actually my fave of the bunch.

Now, if you're going to have a month of real heavy data usage - like if you'll be assigned out of town for work or if you have a school project with a group - and you want to be sure that you have enough data for that even when you're out and about, then consider subscribing to Smart Big Bytes 799. This gives you 4.5GB plus the free 1.1GB video-app-access data allowance. It might be a bit impractical, however, to subscribe to Big Bytes 799 prepaid promo month-after-month for a whole year or more since you can already use the amount that you pay for it plus the money you spend on calls and text messages to get a Smart Postpaid plan that can give you a whole lot more -- unless, of course, you prefer staying on prepaid.

For Smart Prepaid subscribers who want to get the most value for their money, I recommend that you pair Smart Big Bytes with Smart Mega 250 promo, which lets you send unlimited text messages to all networks plus you get 180 minutes of calls to Smart, Talk N' Text, and Sun numbers and 100 MB of mobile data allocation for one whole month! Start creating a combo with Big Bytes 99 and then, if you feel that you need more data allowance, you can jump to Smart Big Bytes 299 the next month. It's up to you; You're in control.