Delicious Diet Philippines : Low Calorie Online Food Delivery Service Experience

Effectively addressing Filipinos’ need for fast, reliable, and healthy ways to get their daily tummy fixes in this digital age, online food delivery businesses now represent a new, booming industry in our country.

As of today, there are at least 10 such ventures that interested consumers can subscribe to. All of them share largely the same business model but details – including ease of transaction, reliable delivery, food taste, plus accurate and trust-worthy calorie count – set the good ones apart from all others.

Last month, I subscribed to Delicious Diet – one of the more popular online food delivery services in NCR – as per the recommendation of a close friend; She had nothing but good words to say about her own subscription. I also liked the fact that one of Delicious Diet's owners happen to be my orgmate at Ateneo de Manila University back in college. Since I know him, I reckoned I’d feel more comfortable eating their daily meals.

I'm not really an expert on food -- and right now, I don't have any ambitions of being one. But I thought of making this entry for the benefit of my readers who've been messaging me and asking me about which online healthy food delivery service I recommend.

With that, I'll just talk about three aspects of my Delicious Diet experience in the simplest way I can:

1. Ease of Transactions and Delivery Schedule
2. Food Taste
3. Health and Fitness Benefits

Delicious Diet Philippines

Ease of Transactions and Delivery Schedule

I was able to subscribe to DD with just one text message to their hotline (0908)8797915.

"Hi! This is Mark. I want to sign up for a low calorie plan," I said in the SMS. And they immediately replied, "That's great, Mark. Kindly send us your Full Name/mobile number/Plan/Email/Full Address/AM or PM delivery/Preferred mode of payment (BDO, BPI, Smart Money/Padala, Paypal, SM Dept Store)"

Delicious Diet currently offers two plans with two variants each differing in the number of days covered:

1. Weight Loss Plan (1200 calories)
WLP5 - Php 1,800 / 5 days (Mon-Fri Meals)
WLP6 - Php 2,160 / 6 days (Mon-Sat Meals)

2. High Protein Plan (1800 calories : 30% Protein)
HP5 - Php 2,400 / 5 days (Mon-Fri Meals)
HP6 - Php 2,880 / 6 days (Mon-Sat Meals)

"These include breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner with free delivery! All meals are prepared the day before. We can deliver morning 5AM to 9:30AM, same day consumption or 5PM to 9:30PM the night before. We cannot commit a specific time," the DD staff texted me after I sent more inquiries.

I grabbed my smartphone, launched the Calculator app and computed the per meal cost of WLP6 -- as I feel rather hefty currently and I still need to lose weight for future fitness tech features.

So that's Php 2,160/6 days/3 meals or just Php 120 per meal!  Not bad, right? Plus, I didn't even include the snack and the transportation cost in the computation. Sulit na. So I initially signed up for one week and paid via PayPal.

I then chose the 5PM to 9:30PM delivery schedule because I usually wake up at around 12 noon and my folks are often out the whole day.

The transaction was quick and easy. I have to commend Delicious Diet staff for replying to text messages really fast.

Delicious Diet Philippines

So how did the deliveries in the first week go? Did they consistently arrive on time?

Delicious Diet delivers food a lot like McDonald's or Jollibee. They have a rider that goes around specific locations (in my case, Binondo-SantaCruz-Tondo area) to hand subscribers their daily meals in their offices or residences, placed in microwaveable plastic containers that are stacked inside a big paper bag.

Given that I signed up for the early evening delivery at our home, my meals (thanks to Manong Johnny, DD's Manila Rider) often arrive at around 7 to 8PM. Since my first week in the program until now, my Delicious Diet delivery schedule has been totally consistent.

How do they handle 'missed deliveries'? I recall, there was one time when I missed a delivery as my meeting got extended and my folks were still out. Delicious Diet HQ called me and asked me if I want to just get the package in the morning or if they could leave it with my neighbor. The situation was handled really well.

Food Taste

As soon as you receive  your Delicious Diet meals, make sure you put them in the fridge to keep them fresh. Then, simply reheat them using a microwave oven or steamer the next day for consumption.

As I've said, I'm not really an expert on food but I know a well-cooked chicken or fish when I see and taste one. And with that, I have nothing but good word to say about Delicious Diet's recipes. Their meals are always all sumptuous and filling.

For those who are asking, DD serves organic or brown rice in lieu of plain white rice in full meals and whole-grain bread in lieu of white bread in some breakfast packs.

Here's a sample Delicious Diet weekly meal plan:

Yummy! Just reading the list makes me hungry.

Delicious Diet Philippines
Herbs and vegetables are also a staple.

But my favorite part in my Delicious Diet experience are the snacks! They are so good that I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything even if I'm on a low-calorie plan.

Delicious Diet Philippines

I particularly love the gooey chocolate cupcakes and the crunchy marshmallow bars, which are always served with premium UCC coffee or fruit-infused Ceylon tea.

Delicious Diet Philippines

Health Benefits

As I've said, one of my main reasons for enrolling in this program is because I want to be more lean in preparation for future fitness tech entries and articles. And of course, on a bigger picture, I also want to be more physically healthy as I enter my mid-30s.

My profession as a technology blogger and digital marketing consultant requires me to stay up late at night, to travel often, and to attend lots of meetings and events -- and I know that I need a fit body along with a healthy mind and disposition to deliver well.

So how has Delicious Diet helped me in achieving my goals? To be honest, I didn't really measure my weight before getting on the program -- so it's hard for me to give you an exact number of pounds that I lost in the few weeks of eating DD meals. But I remember weighing as heavy as 183 lbs more than a year ago (I don't weigh myself that often) and I'm now down to 170 lbs. I'm 5'8 1/2 without shoes so my target weight is around 160 to 165 lbs. I know I'm still overweight but I feel lighter now and I've lost one belt notch. Not bad right?

"We work with a nutritionist to make sure our subscribers get a balanced daily diet and that our calorie count per meal is accurate. Apart from the taste and safety of the food we serve, we are very careful when it comes to their exact nutritional value," my orgmate from Ateneo who's the co-owner of DD told me in one of our conversations on Facebook.

I also jog so it's hard for me to say if I can attribute my weight loss entirely to Delicious Diet but I'm certain that my Delicious Diet low-calorie diet program helped a lot.


So am I recommending Delicious Diet to anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle? Definitely. For me, DD's consistently on-time delivery schedule, their yummy nutritionist-approved menu, and budget-friendly proposition make it one of the best - if not the best - online food delivery services that are currently available in NCR.