Nokia Smartwatches and Fitness Bands, Coming Soon?

At least two big things are happening for the legendary Finnish Giant this year.

First, the company will finally be free to make phones again (yay!) as their agreement with Microsoft is already set to expire before 2016 ends.

Early last year, Nokia released an Intel-Atom-powered Android tablet called the 'N1' exclusively in China. Although it didn't particularly become a massive hit, that slate - I believe - was indicative that the company had been tinkerng with Google's mobile OS and could well have more mobile devices running on the platform that are just waiting to be unveiled.

Exciting, eh?

Nokia Smartwatch

Second, it appears that Nokia is also planning to enter the growing industry for wearables and gadgets for health and fitness.

Yesterday - April 26, 2016, Nokia formally announced its move to acquire Withings S.A., a pioneer and leader in the connected health revolution with a family of award-winning digital health products and services to help people all over the world lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Withings' current product catalogue includes smartwatches, fitness bands, smart weighing scales, sleep sensors, and body analyzers, among others.

When Nokia fully acquires Withings for €170 million or $192 million USD come Q3 2016, the Finnish Giant will have full control over the development, manufacturing, and marketing of these devices as well as those that have yet to be conceptualized. With this acquisition, Nokia is taking a bold step to strengthen its position in the 'internet of things' and 'digital health' product categories.

I just can't wait.

Reading this line from their latest press release made me miss Nokia even more:

"The Nokia brand continues to be recognized, valued and trusted by consumers, built on a heritage of beautifully designed, innovative and reliable technology in the service of people around the world to help real human needs."