Vivo V3 and V3 Max Launch Updates from Mumbai, India

Last month, March 2016, I graciously accepted a warm invitation from our friends at Vivo Mobile Philippines to fly to India to witness the unveiling of the company's two new smartphones highlighting their latest mobile innovations.

Yesterday - April 4, 2016, together with Team Vivo Mobile, EON Stakeholders Relations Firm PH, and my colleagues in the local tech media, TP finally arrived in Mumbai.

Mumbai India, The Lalit Mumbai

Looking at this teaser poster uploaded by Vivo Mobile India's official Facebook page, it's clear that the two handsets that they will be launching today - April 5, 2016 - are the much awaited V3 and V3 Max. Though, I'm still expecting a few other surprises.

Vivo Mobile V3, Vivo Mobile V3 Max

Despite the proliferation of online gadget leaks, Vivo Mobile - so far - has been successful at keeping most of the details about these yet-to-be-released models under wraps.

All we know as of today is that the V3 and its phablet version, the V3 Max, will combine premium looks, stellar specs, and fairly affordable price points to entice more consumers to try out devices from the company. Currently, Vivo Mobile's flagship line is the X-Series so I'm guessing that the V-Series will be their upper midrange to high-end line, similar to Samsung's A-Series.

According to industry insiders, we can expect both of these handsets to flaunt CNC-prepared real metal shells and to come with 4GB of RAM as well as AMOLED or IPS display panels.

I will be updating this entry regularly or every time I get official information about either products at their exclusive global launch that I'll be attending today. Stay tuned, TP Friends!


Hi guys! I want to share the event here in India with you. I hope you can watch the full presentation and keynote for the Vivo V3 and Vivo V3 Max. I recorded the entire thing just holding my cameraphone; I'm sorry if it's not steady.

Vivo V3 Specs

Vivo V3 Max Specs

Vivo V3 Price India, Vivo V3 Max Price India

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Vivo V3 Max

Vivo V3 Max

Vivo V3 Max