Apple iPhone 6s Slays Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Speed Test

"Sure, many Android smartphones now have octa-core and even deca-core processors; Some even have 6GB of RAM to go with that. But still, that's not enough to convince me to jump ship, Mark. For me, the iPhone is still number one. When it comes to speed and performance, the iPhone massacres the best Android phones out there."

That's what one of my close friends - a true Apple fanboy - told me over dinner last week, after I gave him a casual rundown of the many cool features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Note7.

Big words, right?

Well, he may sound like he has an altar at home dedicated to Steve Jobs -- but actually, his claims aren't particularly imaginary nor unfounded.

In fact, many tests (that can be viewed on Youtube) would prove that when it comes to speed in launching and running multiple applications, the latest iPhone models - to be specific, the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - still lead the race by a clear mile.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7

One such test is this new one by PhoneBuff, which was uploaded on August 20, 2016. As you will see in the clip, the aging iPhone 6s was able to demolish the spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when it comes speed in opening the same set of applications and breezing through a similar set of tasks -- with the Cupertino company's 2015 smartphone being almost twice as fast!

So how was the iPhone 6s able to accomplish this despite having only 2GB of RAM? It's a combination of things done right. I'd say we can attribute it to the stellar performance of the Apple A9 chipset, the fast NVMe storage, and - most importantly - iOS software optimization, which is the primary strength of this platform.

Considering that an old release like the Apple iPhone 6s can do this to the best that Samsung has to offer to date, I'm excited to see and feel the beastly performance of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (or 7 Pro).

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