"The Philippines is Very Important for Asus" - Jerry Shen, Asus CEO

Taiwanese tech giant Asus only started selling ZenFone models in the Philippines a couple of years ago (that's in 2014) and yet, despite the rather late start compared to its competitors, the company was able to quickly climb the sales charts to become the third best-selling international handset brand in this territory.

Asus Philippines
And while it's just #2 when it comes to total units of notebooks sold, it nonetheless leads the pack in terms of cumulative sales revenue from this product line.

Asus Philippines

Closely working with tech bloggers and focusing its marketing efforts on the digital platform, Asus - as of today - has become the second leading smartphone brand in the whole of South East Asia with 11% share in the market, edging out American Tech Giant, Apple Inc.

Asus Philippines

You may be wondering what exactly Asus did to achieve this level of success in the handset category in such a short amount of time -- especially since the company hasn't been too aggressive in advertising in traditional ways and it doesn't really have a celebrity endorser who regularly appear on TV.

Well, during the Zenvolution event held in the Philippines last August 14, 2016, Asus CEO Jerry Shen hinted that this success can be attributed to the company's In Search of Incredible brand spirit, which continuously pursues perfection in every endeavor with the ultimate goal of creating an effortless and joyful digital life for users.

As an owner of several ZenFone models and as a tech blogger who's worked with Team Asus on some online campaigns to promote their products, I believe that the company's recent achievements are a product of focus. Focus in crafting devices that don't only look great but also perform well; Focus in listening to customer feedback; Focus in making sure that their devices deliver great value for money. And focus in giving importance to followers in their key markets.

After his keynote presentation at #ZenvolutionPH, I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Jerry Shen along with some of my fellow tech bloggers. In that intimate interview, I asked him, "How does Asus see the Philippines as a market and what is the position of the Philippines in your marketing strategy currently?"

He said, "To me, I separate the market into four to five major segments, major markets. For sure, China is one; United States is one; Western Europe is one; Russia is one; And South East Asia, altogether is one. And the Philippines is very important in South East Asia. So in my five major focus, Philippines is very important for Asus."

Listen to his complete answer here:

The recent Zenvolution event for fans and local media - which was beautifully mounted at Harbour Garden Tent of Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Manila, the early local release of the latest Asus products, as well as the continuing interest of the company to support and work with Pinoy bloggers and vlogger represent a clear proof of how much the brand gives importance to the Philippine market.

No wonder then that the company is doing very well here. I mean, while we may still find room for improvement in the way Asus does business here, I really believe that the company is on the right track.

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