Smart Communications is Ready for PokeMon Go

Up to this moment, we are still clueless on when exactly PokeMon Go will become officially available here in the Philippines.

Around middle of last month, I speculated that the very popular mobile game would land here before July 2016 ends. But obviously, that didn't happen. (source)

Smart Pokemon Go
I already want to start catching PokeMons on our streets here in Manila! Come on, Niantic and The PokeMon Company! How long do we have to wait before you bring this game to Pinas?!

Right now, the only silver lining in this seemingly endless wait is that the country's biggest telco network - Smart Communications - has announced that when PokeMon Go gets launched locally, it will give Smart and Talk N' Text subscribers 7 days of free data access to the game; A generous offer that will be available to both Android and iOS users! Amazeballs, right?

Quoting Ms. Kathy C. Carag - Smart Mobile Business Head, "Smart is one with the whole nation in waiting for PokeMon Go to finally go live in the Philippines, and we are very excited to welcome the game in our own big way. Smart subscribers nationwide can look forward to more special treats and promos that will allow them to make the most of their PokeMon Go experience."

On top of the Free PokeMon Go data offer, Smart Communications is also offering convenient and secure PokeMon Go in-app purchases without requiring a credit card. With Smart’s Google Direct Carrier Billing for Android users, subscribers can easily purchase Pokecoins, PokeMon Go’s currency mainly used for buying items that will help gamers catch PokeMons – directly charged to their prepaid load or postpaid account. Smart Postpaid subscribers who are iPhone users can also conveniently buy Pokecoins, charged to their monthly billing, through Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service.

About PokeMon Go

Launched in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand on July 6, 2016, PokeMon Go is a location-based, augmented reality type of mobile game that makes use your smartphone's camera and GPS receiver to take you on an exciting adventure of capturing PokeMons around your location.

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