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In April 2012, the world's biggest social networking site Facebook formally acquired Instagram - then rising photo sharing app - for $ 1 Billion USD and ever since then, we have seen the introduction of features formerly found only on Instagram to FB and vice versa, including photo filters and direct messages.

On Friday - December 16, 2016, a cool feature of Instagram app was officially integrated into Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android.

For those who have yet to play with it, Instagram Stories - which works a lot like Snapchat - basically lets you share all the moments of your day -- even those that you may not want to keep on your IG profile. Stories come in the form of photos and video slideshows.

With the Instagram-Stories-like 'My Day' section that's integrated into Facebook Messenger, you can share as much photos and updates throughout the day without worrying about overposting -- as the photos and videos will automatically disappear after 24 hours and will not appear on your Facebook Timeline or on your friends' News Feed.

With Facebook My Day, you can even bring your stories to life in new ways and make them more interesting to viewers by adding text and doodle effects!

Shoot a photo first or use a colored slate.

Add emoticons and other graphic add-ons.

Then, if you want, put text on top of it. So easy and fun!

To enjoy this new feature, just download or update to the latest version of Facebook and FB Messenger apps via Apple App Store for the iPhone and Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets. Have fun and keep posting your stories!

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