Old Nokia 3310 Phone vs New 2017 Nokia 3310 Design and Features Comparison, In Photos

For my ABS-CBN News Channel Future Perfect guesting the other week, our friends from HMD Global Philippines and my good friend Mr. Karel Holub of argomall lent me units of the re-imagined 2017 version of the Nokia 3310 as well as one old Nokia 3310 from 2000. (Really, what would I be without my helpful and supportive friends?)

I took the liberty of snapping these side-by-side comparison photos of the phones as reference for those who are wondering how the new Nokia 3310 fares against the old version in terms of design and dimensions.

New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310
2017 Nokia 3310 vs 2000 Nokia 3310, respectively.

New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310

The new model has dimensions of 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm while the old one measures 113 x 48 x 22 mm. The 2017 release is taller and wider than the 2000 model by around 2 millimeters but it is far slimmer or thinner, making it easier to hold and keep in the pocket.

The re-imagined Nokia 3310 is also far lighter, weighing only around 80 grams while its near-ancient predecessor weighs in at 133 grams.

Apart from its obvious heft, the old Nokia 3310 thicker plastic exterior and interior parts made it heavier. Though, these are also the elements that made this model a legend when it comes to sheer durability.

In a future TechPinas post, I will talk about some features of the 2017 Nokia 3310 that make it a good purchase at Php 2,490 here the Philippines.

For now, let me share the features that make it far better than its predecessor, which sold for around Php 8,000 brand new, 17 years ago.

New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310
Of course, the screen is now bigger at 2.4 inches and is even colored! You can even change the background photo and the interface is likewise more intuitive and easier to navigate.

2017 Nokia 3310 vs 2000 Nokia 3310
Another notable new feature is the 2 MegaPixel fixed focus rear camera with LED flash that delivers less than impressive shots but is good enough for taking photos of cellphone numbers, shopping lists, among other things that one needs to take note of.

For those who love listening to music tracks on the go, you'll be glad that the new Nokia 3310 has a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack so you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere you are with this phone. And yes, it also supports FM Radio.

But perhaps the one feature that makes Nokia 3310 far superior to the old one and to most other smartphones that are out in the market is its incredible battery life! This release's removable 1,200 mAh Li-Ion battery pack is capable of delivering up a whole month of Standby Time and almost 24 hours of Talk Time! This is a handset that you'd want to put in your emergency kit or bag at home or in the office.

If there's one thing about the old Nokia 3310 apart from the build quality that makes it superior to the new version, it would have to be the keyboard, which I find easier to thumb-type on. Perhaps, in HMD Global's effort to make the 2017 model look and feel more sleek, the resulting keyboard - especially the main navigation button - became less protruding or more depressed. Personally, I prefer the old keyboard better. But hey, that's just me.

Feel free to try out the New Nokia 3310 when it hits store shelves across the Philippines by the end of June 2017. Again, its official price is Php 2,490 and it will be out in four colors, namely, Grey, Yellow, Warm Red, and Dark Blue.

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