Smart All Out 99 vs Giga Surf 99 : Which Smart Prepaid Data Promo is Right For You?

Smart Communications has an amazing treat for everyone as we kick off Back-to-School season here in the Philippines!

The MVP-Company has just greatly boosted the services that are bundled with some of their prepaid promos, giving subscribers even greater value for their money. Believe it!

Two offers that received a much-appreciated enhancement are Smart All Out Surf 99 and Smart Giga Surf 99!

Even before Smart improved the allocated services that we can get from these two promos, I'd been getting inquiries from my readers on which of them is better.

Well, if you also have a similar question in your mind, I made this post for you.

First, let's take a look at what each revamped Smart Promo has to offer:

Smart All Out 99

From giving subscribers only 1GB of mobile data allocation and 100 minutes of calls to Smart, Talk N' Text, and Sun, the New Smart All Out 99 now delivers 2GB of data and 200 minutes of calls; Yup! That's double the allocation in those two departments. And just like before, it still gives you Unlimited Facebook access with photos and Unlimited Text Messages to all networks!

To subscribe to Smart All Out 99, just make sure you have enough load and text AllOut99 to 9999.

Smart Giga Surf 99

On the other hand, from coming with just 1.5GB of mobile data allocation with an additional 600MB for Video Streaming on Youtube, iflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, and Spinnr, the New Smart Giga Surf 99 now offers 3GB of data, Unlimited Facebook Access with Photos, Unlimited FB Messenger, and the same 600MB for video streaming!

To subscribe to Smart Giga Surf 99, make sure your load can cover it and text Giga99 to 2200.

Now, going back to the question: Which of these two Smart Prepaid Data Promo is right for you?

Well, I think that if sending GSM text messages and making calls are just as important in your life as being connected online at all times, it would make more sense for you to subscribe to All Out Surf. If you who have loved ones, business partners, or workmates who don't have social media accounts and are still relying on SMS and calls for communication, clearly, All Out Surf would be the right choice. Now, if amount of data allocation is more important to you as most of your contacts are already in social media or online messaging apps anyway and you want as much data as possible for the amount of money you spend on subscription for downloads or video steaming, Giga Surf is obviously the better choice.

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