SM Supermarket Japan Home Electronic Finds and Techy Items

I've long been wanting to come up with a blog entry about this topic. I'm glad I've finally found the time to make one.

'Japan Home' is one of my favorite sections in every SM Supermarket I shop in. I like that aisle because of all the cool and affordable items there are just waiting to be discovered -- from kitchen tools all the way to travel essentials.

I particularly like the electronic products in this section that are usually priced even lower than similar items at CD-R King. Yup, believe it!

SM Supermarket Japan Home

That said, here are several interesting techy items that I saw there during my last grocery shopping.

USB Car Charger (Price: Php 66)

Car Charger
You can use this for charging a variety of mobile devices while you're driving.

Cable Fasteners (Price: 6 Pieces for Php 66)

Cable Fasteners
Organize or neatly pack those charging cables and earphones with these colorful fasteners.

Cable Ties (Price: 12 pieces for Php 66)

Cable Ties
Say goodbye to tangled telephone or broadband wires.

Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and SE Cushion Case (Price: Php 66)

Cushion Case for Smartphones
This soft, cushioned case keeps your handset scratch and dent free -- especially when you're keeping the device in your bag along with other items.

Smartphone Clip Stand (Price: Php 66)

Clip Stand for Smartphones
Watch movies or browse websites hands-free on our smartphone using this clip to hold it with the screen facing you.

Standard Earphones (Price: Php 66)

Cheap Earphones
Lost the pair of earphones that came with your phone? Get a new one.

Earphones with Extra-Long Wire (Price: Php 88)

Earphones with Extra Long Wire
This pair is ideal for watching movies privately on your big LED TV -- if you're into that.

Earphones with In-Ear Silicone Buds (Price: Php 88)

Earphones with In-Ear Silicone Buds
This one has noise-cancelling silicone buds.

Earphones with Built-in Cord Reel (Price: Php 88)

Earphones with Built In Cord Reel
Do you hate earphone wires that tangle inside your bag? This pair has its own cord reel that keeps it neat and knot-free.

Earphone Cord Reel (Price: Php 66)

Cord Reel
You can also buy a separate cord reel for your other earphones.

Electronic Calculator (Price: Php 88)

Electronic Calculator
While almost all smartphones already have a pre-installed calculator app, nothing beats an actual electronic calculator; I'm sure many accountants and business owners will agree.

30-Pin Apple iPhone and iPad Charging Cable (Price: Php 88)

iPad Charger
Bring those aging iDevices in your cabinet back to life using this cable plus a travel charger.

Wristwatch for Kids (Price: Php 66)

Kids Watches

Magnetic Pick-up Tool (Price: Php 66)

Magnetic Pick-up Tool

SD Card and MicroSD Card Carrying Case (Price: Php 66)

MicroSD card case

Precision Screwdriver Set (Price: 2 Sets for Php 66)

Precision Screw Driver Set

Hexagon Wrench Set (Price: Php 66)

Mini Wrench Kit

5-LED Rear Light for Bicycles (Price: Php 88)

Bicycle Rear Light

Battery-Powered Handheld Mini Fan (Price: Php 66)

Handheld Mini Fan

Do you also enjoy rummaging through and discovering new items at the Japan Home section of SM Supermarket? What's the best product that you got there? Did I miss any other good electronic finds in my list? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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