Asus PH LGBT Themed Ad Explores The Power of Selfies and WeFies

It's not everyday that a company - in any industry - releases a video ad that has a gay theme.

I mean, let's be frank about it. As yet, there are very few countries that have fully embraced and accepted their LGBT communities -- while a lot of nations around the world, including the Philippines, remain to be very conservative.

That's why I was pleasantly surprised when Taiwanese tech giant Asus launched their latest online video commercial last week for the ZenFone 4 Selfie featuring a gay lead actor and his painful process of letting go of an ex-lover with the help of his female friend.

Basically, the ad explored the healing power of snapping selfies and "wefies" in the face of adversity and the challenge of moving on.

To be specific, Asus showed that the mere act of dressing up and smiling while taking these shots are good first steps to alleviate the pain of a break-up. On top of that, being around supportive friends who will lift us when we are down and who will joyfully laugh with us in wefies can also help in the recovery process.

Essentially, through this commercial, Asus proved that taking selfies and wefies isn't as shallow an act as some people believe them to be.

In fact, there's great depth in these activities, which can be clearly seen by those who have experienced enough in life and who continue to keep an open mind.

If you ask me, if shooting selfies and taking wefies can help us feel better from within and allow us to strengthen our relationships with our friends and loved ones, then they are all good. Heck, we should do them more often.

You can watch, Asus PH's new LGBT-themed TVC here:

For me, this ad is a reminder that Asus Philippines continues to stand by its corporate slogan: "Search for Incredible". Why? Well, it's a daring and incredible ad that challenges conventions and opens people's minds. Do other companies have the same chutzpah? You tell me.

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