Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Renders, Leaked? Are You Interested?

These leaked product renders came from Steve Hemmerstoffer of @OnLeaks.

Considering how consistently reliable and accurately he's been when it comes to prematurely disclosing confidential stuff like this, I believe these images are the real deal.

This one supposedly shows the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, which is set to be the 2018 flagship smartphone of the Korean Giant.

Photo Credit: @OnLeaks and @91Mobiles on Twitter

If you look at the shot, it's clear that the Galaxy S9 won't have a Dual Rear Camera module, similar to what's already available on the Galaxy Note8 -- which is odd.

Hence, it's still going to be a single lens set-up.

But what's cool is that Samsung has changed the position of S9's fingerprint scanner closer to the middle, making it easier to tap using the pointer finger when holding the device. The one of the S8 is a pain to use; Its position was unnatural and not intuitive.

Anyway, the presence of this fingerprint scanner is clear proof that - despite all the hype - this model still won't have one that's integrated in the touchscreen.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (or S9+) shown in the image above appears to be more interesting.

Like the S9, this model retains the gorgeous Infinity Display and the glass-metal-glass water-resistant build -- but what makes it special apart from being bigger is that it has a Dual Camera module at the back, which should it allow it to deliver 2X lossless zoom and LiveFocus virtual bokeh effect.

As for the other technical specifications, according to "insiders", both S9 and S9+ will still have the same screen size and resolution as the S8 and S8+, respectively -- so that's 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches Quad HD 18:9 SuperAMOLED. But they say the 2018 models will have even thinner bezels, making them smaller in footprint versus their predecessors. As for the internal hardware, these two will share the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 flagship processor as well as 6GB of RAM. How about the camera resolution, you ask? Well, as yet, the "insiders" share varying rumors. Let's wait a bit more for a better picture.

Am I Interested?

As a tech blogger, I have to be fully informed about the latest devices so I'll definitely check these ones out when they arrive here probably come early Q2 2018.

As a Samsung Galaxy Note8 owner, though, I don't think any of the two will be a fitting upgrade -- especially not the S9 as shown in the render above.

If you're a Galaxy S8 owner and you're planning to upgrade your unit in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ - as seen in the render - is what I'd suggest you get.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 should be a good level-up for current Galaxy S6, S7, and S7 Edge users, though, who didn't get the S8 last year.

Anyway, that's just me, let me know your thoughts about these powerhouse 2018 smartphones models in the comments section below. Are you planning to get any of the two?

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