Miniso Philippines Sells Affordable Earphones, Powerbanks, Speakers, and Charging Cables

When Miniso Store in SM City San Lazaro - the nearest mall to our house - opened its doors earlier in 2017, I thought that there wasn't not much to see inside it apart from stuffed toys, travel pillows, kitchen utensils, and slippers.

As such, I never really bothered to enter the outlet because we already have enough of those items at home.

However, last Saturday - December 16, 2017, after mom and I purchased some household stuff at the adjacent Ace Hardware, we saw a lot of shoppers close to pushing their way to get inside Miniso.

The clamor piqued our interest and prompted us to check out what was happening.

(Side Note: Established in Japan in 2013, Miniso is a retail giant that promotes "intelligent consumer products".)

Apparently, the store was on Christmas Sale and a lot of the items were going for really low prices.

Aside from that, I was shocked to see that Miniso actually offers gadget accessories that don't only look cute but are also very affordable!

I secretly took these shots so I can show them to you.

(Contrary to what you may be thinking, I'm not getting anything from Miniso Philippines in exchange for this blog post. I just want to share my experience.)

These eye-catching red earphones sell for only Php 199 while the fancier ones below sell for just a bit more; Not exceeding Php 300.

These multi-colored ones are even cheaper at only Php 149! And look: They even come with extra silicone buds as well as a carrying case.

Miniso has various noise-cancelling headphones with price tag below Php 500.

The neon-colored ones are more budget-friendly than the ones below, which have real metal accents.

Bluetooth Headsets and Wireless Earphones are available at Php 449 to Php 500.

These trendy "true wireless" headphones or "plugs", on the other hand, go for Php 649.

Lightning, microUSB, and USB Type C cables in various colors and with cool designs are also available at the store.

Prices range from around Php 300 to just Php 99 per cord! Not bad, right?

I also saw a keyboard with island-style keys and metal shell that's priced at Php 649.

Miniso also offers various Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in various shapes and sizes, and with varying audio quality. The most affordable one goes for Php 549 while the largest - which looks like a soundbar - has a Php 1,299 price tag.

If you're into mobile VR, these polycarbonate 3DVR Glasses sell for Php 449.

Powerbanks with varying capacities are also up for purchase at Miniso; All of which are priced at less than Php 1,000.

Aside from the above-mentioned gadget accessories, battery-powered items like this LED lamp with mini fan and bendable neck are likewise on sale. I believe these two sell for around Php 500 each.

Here's my favorite Miniso techy purchase, though:

My 37-in-1 Precision Screwdriver set! I got it for only Php 99. There's also a 31-piece set (the one of the right) with a more compact carrying case.

So how's the quality of these products, you ask?

I've handled some of these items and I think they're of good quality. Frankly, I think they'll give you more value than the amount you'd pay for them. And I'm not alone in saying that.

According to my good friend Pat Evangelista who recently purchased data cables at Miniso, "Super good ang quality bro. Mas matibay pa than stock cables kasi makapal ang wire nya meaning di sya talaga masisira agad. Tapos ang good part nun is meron sila nung extra long cable, like I am using today na 2 meters ang haba nya. Next time I will buy naman their USB Type C cable naman to test it out naman if compatible ba sya with Quickcharge or Dash Charge or Huawei Supercharge."

Have you purchased a gadget accessory from Miniso? What can you say about the product? Kindly share your thoughts via our comments section below.

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