Nokia 10 With Seven Rotating ZEISS Lenses Arriving in 2018?

Looks like 2018 will be a great year for long-time fans of the Nokia handset brand.

During its heydays in the 2000's up until it was acquired by Microsoft during the early 2010's, Nokia has always been known to create great cameraphones -- thanks to its solid partnership with legendary lens-maker Carl Zeiss. Some of the epic Nokia handsets that take amazing photos include the Nokia N8, Nokia 808 PureView, and Nokia Lumia 1020.

Fast forward to today, HMD Global - the new home of Nokia phones - has yet to come up with an imaging-centric Android smartphone that's good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the legendary Nokia cameraphones of the past. Nokia 8 from 2017 is a good Dual Camera smartphone but in terms of imaging prowess, I don't think it's right up there yet.

But I believe all that is about to change this year.

Nokia 10 fan render courtesy of NokiaPowerUser

According to "insiders", HMD Global is poised to release a flagship-level cameraphone with a re-imagined camera module that features seven rotating lenses crafted by ZEISS housed in a circular module.

In fact, on July 6, 2017, ZEISS posted this tweet that gives Nokia fans a glimpse of this never-before-seen imaging innovation.

From watching the short video, it appears that the rotating lenses will have different focal lengths - from wide-angle to telephoto, giving users maximum flexibility needed to take the best shots across various settings and conditions.

Already being called "Nokia 10" by fans - which means that they already regard it as the natural follow-up to the legendary Nokia Lumia 1020, this new Android smartphone donning top-notch technical specifications both inside and out will most likely be launched this year.

As an owner of all the Nokia phone models I mentioned above, I am very excited! I can't wait to see this upcoming release in the flesh. Right now, I'm just hoping that the imaging software will be good enough to bring to life and maximize what this rumored hardware is capable of.

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