Cherry Mobile Flare Watch Price is PHP 2,499 : Specs, Unboxing, In The Flesh Photos

Happy New Year, TP Friends! I'm wishing all of us the best this 2019!

They say the color Red symbolizes love, good health, and prosperity so I thought of sharing with you a cool gadget in that color that you might want to get for yourself or a loved one as a new year present to attract all those good energies.

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch

Many of you have been asking me to feature more wearable gadgets here in TechPinas. If you're one of those who have sent me an inquiry about affordable smartwatches, this one's perfect for you.

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch, which dons an official suggested retail price of only PHP 2,499, not only has an attractive design and solid build but it also comes with useful features for techy consumers who want to stay fit throughout 2019 and beyond.

Here's how its packaging looks:

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch

The complete retail package includes the watch itself, the quick user guide, and the magnetic USB charging cable, which can work with any Android smartphone travel charger.

To charge the Cherry Mobile Flare Watch, simply line up the pins of the charger to the copper plates are the back of the unit and plug the cable to the USB port of the charger.

Let's take a closer look at the case, clock faces, and straps of Cherry Mobile Flare Watch.

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch

The unit's case is crafted from anodized aluminum - yes, it's real metal - which doesn't only make it look elegant but also gives it a feel of durability. When you hold this watch, you will feel the reassuring heft of this solid body.

The lugs for the rubber straps are of standard size which means that you can easily get other straps - including those that are made of fine leather and stainless steel - for this watch.

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch sports a 1.3-inch TFT display and runs Cherry Mobile's propriety smartwatch operating system. Some of the features of this wearable include the ability to work as a Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Music Player, and Sleep Monitor, among others.

They say 10,000 is the ideal number of steps that we all should take each day to be healthy. You can use Cherry Mobile Flare Watch to know exactly or to monitor just how many steps you've taken in your waking hours.

Choose from multiple pre-installed clock-faces!

The user can also receive text and call notifications through this watch after linking it to an Android smartphone through the free FunDo application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The Dust-and-Water-Proof Cherry Mobile Flare Watch is now available at select Cherry Mobile Concept Stores and Kiosks in malls across the Philippines. Go ahead and get one to jump-start 2019!

God bless us all this new year, TP Friends!

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