Modern Jeepney Free WiFi Internet Speed Test Results Are Good

One of the best things that happened to main thoroughfares here in Metro Manila over the past couple of years is the Modern Jeepney.

Not only are they larger than traditional jeepneys but these modern jeeps are also air-conditioned - making long rides more comfortable - and give riders a chance to connect to the internet on-the-go through free WiFi!

On Thursday - March 7, 2019, I rode a Modern Jeep from Blumentritt Espana to Quezon City Hall and I only paid PHP 17 for the ride.  Apart from the literally cool travel through the vehicle on that hot summer afternoon, I was impressed by the rather fast internet connectivity that the jeep's free WiFi network gave me.

Modern Jeepney Free Wifi

If you're wondering just how speedy the connection was, here the Ookla Speed Test results that I got from the Free WiFi connection on the Filipino Modern Jeep that I rode.

At Welcome Rotonda, I got a download speed of 9.78 Mbps and upload speed of 6.49 Mbps.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Free WiFi Speed Test Result

At the Banawe St. QAVE intersection, I got download speed of 18.5 Mbps and the fastest upload speed of the whole ride at 7.95 Mbps.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Free WiFi Speed Test Result

Near Santo Domingo Church, I got download speed of 15.5 Mbps and upload speed of 4.79 Mbps.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Free WiFi Speed Test Result

At Timog Avenue - Quezon Ave. Intersection, I got fastest download speed in the entire ride at 19.9 Mbps and a slightly slower upload speed of 2.22 Mbps.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Free WiFi Speed Test Result

And finally, before alighting the modern jeep at Quezon City Hall, I ran the Speed Test and got 11 Mbps download speed. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish running the upload speed test.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Free WiFi Speed Test Result

Given the results that I got, I think the Free WiFi on our Modern Jeepneys is certainly good enough for updating social media apps even if you add photos, watching videos and vlogs on Youtube while you're on the road, or downloading large files. However, I suggest that you limit your usage of the free service to important tasks so other people in the jeep can also enjoy it like you do.

Modern Jeepney Philippines Fare Matrix

I know that there are still a lot of improvements that the Department of Transportation or DOTr needs to implement on our main roads to make commuters' lives easier. But off hand, I want to thank them for a job well done in increasing the number of Modern Jeepneys that can be accessed by the public. I think these vehicles along with the many conveniences that they offer represent a clear step forward for our country in terms of transport.

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