coocaa 50S5G 50-inch Android Smart TV Unboxing, Set-Up, Actual Unit Photos

For those who are wondering how the 50-inch coocaa 50S5G Android TV that's currently on sale at Lazada Philippines for just PHP 19,990 looks in the flesh, these unboxing photos of the actual retail unit are for you.

Check out the official box design.

coocaa unboxing

Orange is the official corporate hue of coocaa and that's also the predominant color that they are using on their product packaging.

"Play in your style" is coocaa's new brand slogan, which reflects their desire to cater to the needs of  young and upbeat millennial consumers.

Cutting the seal of the box and opening it, you will be greeted by thick styrofoam blocks that protect the TV from knocks and bumps during inside during shipment.

The coocaa 50S5G like the smaller 40S5G has two V-shaped polycarbonate feet with metallic finish that you'd have to connect to the bottom of the TV.

The package already comes with free Wall Mount should you prefer to put the TV on the wall instead of placing it on a table.

Of course, you'll also a Quick Start Guide, user manual, and warranty card.

coocaa 50S5G - like all other coocaa TVs that are included in the Lazada Philippines Flash Sale - comes with 2 years service warranty.

This is preferred way of removing the TV from its box. Hold it on either sides and carefully pull it up. You might want to ask for assistance from a friend to hold or gently pull the box down while you take out the device.

The TV is covered in plastic with polystyrene lining to further protect the panel during shipment.

Installing the plastic feet using two screws each is easy. You just need a Phillips screwdriver.

Before turning on the TV, carefully remove the plastic tapes and stickers that line the bezels of the screen.

Now, you can connect the coocaa 50-inch Android Smart TV to an electrical outlet using the cord that's included in the box.

After plugging it to an outlet, use the remote control to turn on the device. Thankfully, coocaa had provided two free batteries for the remote control. No need to buy them separately.

Turning on the coocaa 50S5G for the first time, you'd have to follow the step-by-step guide in setting up any Android TV. You're going to need a WiFi connection and a Google account.

coocaa, coocaa 50S5G, coocaa 50-inch Android Smart 4K TV

Some of the key features of the coocaa 50S5G include its 50-inch 4K 3840 x 2160 IPS display, Smart Audio with SRS Dolby Audio+, Android 8.0 operating system, Google Play Store access, pre-installed Netflix App, and a slew of ports including HDMI and USB 2.0.

coocaa, coocaa 50S5G, coocaa 50-inch Android Smart 4K TV

Established in 2006 in Shenzhen, China, coocaa is an e-commerce-centric tech company that provide innovative and high-quality Smart TV products, equipped with cutting-edge technology, to budget-conscious yet aspirational consumers.

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