Vivo's Minimalist Approach: Redefining Smartphone Innovation

Since its establishment in 2009, Vivo has steadily emerged as a prominent global technology firm, showcasing smartphone hardware and software innovations propelled by extensive research and development, and manufactured for mass appeal.

In 2018, Vivo made waves in smartphone development by unveiling the world’s inaugural notch-less full-screen concept smartphone with an elevating selfie camera, the APEX™ FullView, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

vivo APEX

During the 2018 MWC, the APEX™ FullView previewed the revolutionary Elevating Selfie Camera, marking a leap forward in smartphone technology.

"We've always recognized that innovation and continual product development are vital drivers of market growth," stated Zeng Kai, Vivo's VP for Operations. "Our commitment to crafting unique experiences for consumers led to the inception of APEX."

Zeng Kai

Zeng Kai, VP for Operations at Vivo, underscores the importance of pioneering smartphone innovations through rigorous research and development.

In just four months, Vivo delivered on its pledge to mass-produce the Vivo NEX smartphone, featuring an elevating selfie camera that paved the way for a notch-less full-screen display and a suite of breakthrough premium features, including half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning and AI-powered apps.

"While other manufacturers may follow trends, we distinguish ourselves by spearheading innovations and reshaping smartphone design," Zeng remarked.

Since 2014, Vivo's aggressive global expansion has seen its presence in various countries, coupled with a lineup of smartphones boasting groundbreaking features, positioning it among the top 10 smartphone manufacturers globally. This year, Vivo aims to uphold its 7% global market share, with a production target of under 100 million smartphones.

At the Mobile World Congress, Vivo unveiled innovations that not only showcased its technological prowess but also hinted at potentially redefining the future of smartphones worldwide.

Contrary to previous showcases, Vivo's APEX 2019 concept smartphone epitomized minimalism, aligning with the company's new philosophy of "less is more."

vivo APEX

The APEX 2019 concept smartphone, Vivo's debut 5G device, boasts a Super Unibody Design, eliminating bezels, notches, physical buttons, ports, and speakers, introducing novel features such as Touch Sense technology, MagPort for charging and data transfer, and Body SoundCasting technology.

Additionally, the latest Vivo concept smartphone integrates a full display fingerprint scanner and 5G connectivity for enhanced performance.

Colwin Tanhehco

Colwin Tanhehco, Vivo Brand Manager, elaborated on the APEX 2019's features during a recent launch, expressing excitement about the impact of these technologies on smartphone development and consumer experience.

Vivo recently unveiled the APEX™ concept smartphone to local tech experts and enthusiasts through an exclusive event in Pasig City.

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