Cherry Mobile Flare X3 With Five AI Cameras Has Good Low-Light Imaging Performance

Last Wednesday - June 19, 2019, long-time TechPinas Friend John Roland Pamiloza sent me a link on Messenger pointing to a curious post on Cherry Mobile Flare S7 PH Official Facebook Page that pretty much confirms the existence of an all-new Cherry Mobile Android smartphone.

I clicked on the link and I was shocked at what I saw.

Cherry Mobile Flare X3

The post - courtesy of Jack Tracy Catalig - shows a beautiful photo of a brightly lit mall amidst dusk-colored skies. Below the shot, we can clearly see a watermark, which tells us the smartphone model that was used in snapping the image; It says "Flare X3 5 AI Cameras".

Cherry Mobile Flare X3

The design of the watermark is more or less similar to that of Cherry Mobile Flare S7's camera shots so I'm guessing that it's also by Cherry Mobile -- unless another company has decided to steal the Flare branding, which is highly unlikely.

On Thursday - June 20, 2019, Jack Tracy Catalig shared another photo taken using the same handset on the Cherry Mobile Flare S7 PH Official Page. This time it features a stunning image of the purple-cast  Manila Bay Sunset along with yachts as well as the Roxas Boulevard skyline.

Cherry Mobile Flare X3

Off hand, I am impressed with the quality of both shots especially since they were taken in challenging lighting conditions. If you ask me, I think there were snapped in a dedicated Night or Low-Light Mode because of how clear details appeared despite little ambient light. Perhaps, it's also because of Smart HDR; Your guess is as good as mine.

Right now, I am curious about this Five AI Camera Set-up. Will it be three cameras at the back and one in front or four rear shooters and one selfie cam? Let's see.

Oh, and for those who are wondering. AI in Android smartphones is essentially a software innovation that enables the camera to automatically figure out what's in front of the lens and automatically make tweaks or adjustments to the hue, saturation, shadows, and highlights to capture the best image possible.

So when is this exciting model arriving and how much will it be? I believe Cherry Mobile Flare X3 will most likely launch within a few weeks from now with price tag not exceeding PHP 10,000, considering the PHP 8,000 SRP of its predecessor, the best-selling Cherry Mobile Flare X2. But hey, that's just my hunch. No official word yet from our friends at Cherry Mobile. Stay tuned for updates. I have a feeling they'll come in rapid succession soon.

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