AP Cargo Delivers Top Notch Innovation via Ramco Systems Logistics Software

The current boom in the Philippines' economy, which is caused in part by the rise of e-commerce and online shopping websites, has brought on new challenges and areas for growth in our logistics industry.

In line with this, AP Cargo, one of the Philippines' largest shipping and logistics companies, entered a partnership with Ramco Systems, a global leader in software development, to make their services more efficient, more secured and more convenient for their customers in this digital age.

AP Cargo, Ramco Systems
AP Cargo and Ramco Systems join forces to deliver top notch logistics innovation to Filipinos across the country.

As a true market leader, AP Cargo is clearly setting the standard in terms of being customer friendly as they lessen the risk factors involved in the remote exchange of goods via the recently announced go-live of a powerful cloud-based logistics ERP suite enabled by Ramco Systems. It aims to improve tracking, planning, and management of its air freight operations nationally in more than 80 branches worldwide.

“Given that Philippines logistics sector is on a growth trajectory, there was an urgent need for us to adopt IT solutions to accelerate operational competence and infrastructure. Ramco has future-proofed our tech backbone and has also gone the extra mile by rigorously testing the application, to ensure seamless adoption, no matter what the circumstances,” highlighted Dr. Virgilio R. Villacorte, President and CEO of AP Cargo.

Modules for Transport Management System, Fleet Maintenance System, Supply Chain Management, Finance Management as well as Human Capital Management are the thrusts of Ramco’s Logistics Software implemented at AP Cargo.

Those who advocate the need to continuously improve on customer service will love this development from AP Cargo as the company sincerely wants to dish out the best for their clientele despite the country's internet connection's uphill climb in the previous years. That's definitely a strong testament of their good will and commitment to excellence.

AP Cargo invested a huge amount of money, maybe millions on Ramco's integrated logistics system, bundled with its next-level finance and human resources system.

"A year ago AP cargo Logistic Network Corporation venture into a Logistic ERP Suite with Ramco. It is a radical and a costly move but imperative ," said Dr. Virgilio.

That statement came from past experiences when they used an outdated system that hindered their growth. And now that everything is in a much higher gear you can expect AP Cargo to fly like an eagle and dominate all the competition in the product shipping and logistics industry.

Built for third-party logistics providers, freight forwarders and courier service providers, Ramco’s multi-functional logistics ERP software has been implemented worldwide, enabling over 1,200 users at AP Cargo track, plan, and manage more than 550 vehicles and other valuable assets over their smartphones.

Ramco’s Command Center feature now offers AP Cargo’s senior management true end-to-end connectivity, visibility and control of the entire operations globally, thereby simplifying operations. The solution’s enhanced mobility features and Ramco’s Unify Mobile App offers AP Cargo and its customers detailed and real-time asset tracking (location of cargo 24/7), stock status and visibility, thereby eliminating potential revenue leakage.

AP Cargo, Ramco Systems

When we asked Dr. Virgilio on what could be the ripple effect of this big time improvement to the business owners who patronize their services, he said "We could create more perks, we could give much better rates, and have a better partnership."

The growth may not be visible right away but you can expect this digitization to not only make AP Cargo more appealing to millennials who are technology driven but also to the e-commerce market that relies heavily on the veracity of digital and online transactions.

"Apart from providing us with a one-stop logistics solution, Ramco Logistics Software has also effectively blended with our in-house systems for hub operations. It has transformed AP Cargo into a technology enabled organization, making us a preferred express logistics company in the Philippines," explained Mr. Randi Ovidio G. Lorlca, Deputy CEO & Project Manager, AP Cargo.

Commenting on achieving yet another milestone, P.R. Venketrama Raja, Chairman of Ramco Group, said, "Ramco entered the Philippine market in 2016 and since then has seen astounding growth with many new project wins. Our Logistics ERP suite has helped many leading logistics companies in the Philippines by providing them with a competitive advantage in the now continuously growing and competitive logistics sector. Our partnership and go-live with AP cargo has marked another milestone for us as we strive to strategically position ourselves as one of the leading ERP players in the country."

"Having built a specialized solution to address the LSP segment, we are happy to see good uptake of our comprehensive suite which is driving digitization and business transformation of our clients. The smooth project go-live at AP Cargo is yet another feather in our Logistics cap which reinforces the sturdiness of the solution, the detailed project planning and impeccable partnership between both the teams," added Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems.

With all the info that I got, just remember that with this highly commendable transformation, real-time data and visibility to both AP Cargo and its clients can be expected. Also, it will give the customers the ability to check the real-time status of their own cargoes, that could mean less cost for AP Cargo's customer service and convenience on the part of their clients.

You can join in the conversation online about this topic by checking Ramco's Twitter account @RamcoSystem and AP Cargo's website, apcargo.com.ph.

About Ramco Logistics Software

It is an integrated and smart platform engineered to provide an end to end comprehensive business solution for 3PLs, Contract Logistics, Freight Forwarders, Project Cargo, Reefer Logistics, E-Commerce Logistics and Parcel/ Express Service Providers. Infused with Al &ML, the next-gen technology platform includes Transport Management Solution (TMS), Warehouse Management System wMs). Fleet & Asset Management, X-Dock Hub Management, Automated Contract & Billing, Procurement, Profitability, with ERP Financials and Payroll. Complete with Optimisation, APls, Chatbot, Mobility and Analytics, Ramco Logistics Software was recognised as a 'Notable Vendor in Gartner's Asia-Pacific Context: Magic Quadrant for Transport Management System.

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