Macpower Gadget Sale at F1 Hotel Includes Belkin, Nat Geo Bags, Manfrotto, Runtastic, Boompods, and More!

Macpower Marketing Corporation - one of the country's largest distributor of high-end gadget accessories - is holding their Merry ShopTember Gadget Sale at the Titanium Room of F1 Hotel in BGC Taguig City from September 11 to 14, 2019.

In this annual sale, they are offering up to a whopping 75% off on some of the coolest and most useful products that they sell here in the Philippines.

Macpower is inviting all Pinoy gadget fans and mobile consumers to drop by and take advantage of their generous price cuts, discounts, and freebies.

The Yuletide Season has also started in our country and I'm sure that you'll find some amazing gadget gifts for your friends and loved ones at his sale.

Yesterday - September 11, 2019, I graced the invitation of our friends from Macpower to swing by the venue and check out the hottest items that they have on the shelves. Let me show you some of the very interesting products that I found.

Upon entering the room, you will be greeted by the friendly Macpower staff who will hand you your shopping bag.

There's also a counter where you can deposit your baggage before shopping.

Rhinoshield is one of the most popular brands that's being carried by Macpower.

Rhinoshield specializes in crafting cases and screen protectors that shield your smartphones against the knocks and bumps of daily use.


The stylish but tough Rhinoshield SolidSuit cases for Apple iPhone models are also included in the sale.

Rhinoshield SolidSuit Apple iPhone

The regular price of this case for the Apple iPhone XS is PHP 2,690 and at this event, you can get for just PHP 1,490. That's more than a PHP 1,000 off!

Aside from slashing thousands off the price of their Unu Ultrapack Go and Tour powerbanks, Macpower is even giving buyers a free pair of TWS Wireless earphones for every unit purchased! Believe it!

In many cases, the pair of TWS Wireless Earphones costs more than the discounted items themselves.

Aside from smartphone cases and powerbanks, you will also find various types of earphones and headphones at the Merry ShopTember Sale.

This one from Borophone even transforms into a necklace! You can grab a pair for just PHP 1,380.

There are also cute smartphone holders that you can get for your home office.

Smartphone cases come in various colors and prices. I've seen good ones that sell for less than PHP 1,000.

Macpower sells transparent smartphone cases that are protected against "yellowing". When you visit, just ask the staff where you can find them.

When I walked around, I also saw QCY wireless earphones and Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, which works with Apple iPad and Android tablets.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

There are also ultra-durable powerbanks that are great for those who always bring their gadgets with them when they go on extreme adventures.

According to the staff, there powerbanks by Zendure are extremely durable and are made to last. Sure they are a bit expensive at PHP 1,990 but they are a keeper.

I also saw heavily discounted smartwatches and fitness bands.

Runtastic is one the best makers of fitness watches that are classy and elegant enough to be worn with a suit.

I mean, just look at their attractive wearables.

The very handsome Runtastic Classic keeps track of your activities throughout the day and even monitors your sleep.

From having a regular price of PHP 13,940, it got a major discount, bringing its price down to just PHP 9,000.

Donning a more casual look, the Runtastic Moment Fun comes in many youthful and vibrant colors.

The regular price is PHP 8,888 but if you're going to get it at the sale, you'll just have to pay PHP 5,000. Sweet!

If you're a photographer or a videographer who's always on the road, then you definitely need a reliable bag to be your trusted companion.

If you're a big fan of Manfrotto and National Geographic, then you might want to swing by Macpower's Merry ShopTember Sale as soon as you can.

The company has slashed thousands of pesos off the prices of some of the best-selling and most beloved bags from these two brands.

Nat Geo Bag, National Geographic Bag

For instance, the Nat Geo NG5270 Medium Rucksack used to sell for around PHP 10,000 but at the sale, you can grab one for only around PHP 6,700!

Manfrotto Bag

Check out some of the cool Nat Geo bags that are included in the sale:

Manfrotto makes some of the best bags for photography and some of them are available at Merry ShopTember for less than PHP 4,000. Incredible, right?

Manfrotto Bag

Team Macpower told me that their Manfrotto and Nat Geo are currently selling like hotcakes -- so if you're interested in them, I would advise you not to waste any more time and just drive to F1 Hotel now!

Aside from the Ulu Powerbanks, MB Quart 2, 3, and 4 Bluetooth Speakers come with a free pair of TWS wireless earphones with every unit purchased.

You'll also find many gadgets for kids at Merry ShopTember Gadget Sale.

These BuddyPhone headsets have a 85-Decibel cap, which protects your kids' ears from long-term damage caused by ultra-loud music playback.

Light Stacks are brick toys with internal LED bulbs that bring out the creativity in children.

Light Stacks

Cute Ubooly dolls work with your smartphone as an educational toy and companion for your kids. You can download hundreds of child-safe activities via their application for both Android and iOS.


Though the years, Belkin has consistently proven to be one of the top accessories makers when it comes to product quality and after-sales support.

Belkin, Belkin Car Charger

Macpower is one of the exclusive authorized distributors of Belkin products in the country and they also handle local after-sales support for this brand.


If you only purchase devices that - you know - have passed high quality standards, then you will surely have peace of mind having Belkin at home or in your office.

From Belkin car chargers to surge-protected extension boards, wireless charging pads to tassle-style USB cables, Merry ShopTember Gadget Sale has you covered.

Now, let me give you more gadget accessory gift ideas this Christmas that you can get at Macpower Marketing Corporation's on-going sale at the Titanium Room of F1 Hotel.

SwitchEasy Glass Case for Apple iPhone XR - PHP 990

Uniq Glacier Frost Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - PHP 500

Boompods PowerPod Bluetooth Speaker + Powerbank - PHP 500

Boompods Tuffbuds (with Metal Shell) - PHP 490


Boompods Tuffbuds Earphones

Boompods IPX7 Waterproof Fusion Bluetooth Speakers - PHP 2,490

Boompods, Boompods Fusion Bluetooth Speaker

Boompods Sweat-proof Sportpods Enduro for Running and Working Out - PHP 1,990

Boompods Trio Armour Three-in-One USB Charging Cable - USB Type C + microUSB 2.0 + Lightning - PHP 990

FluxMob Bolt Travel/Wall Charger and Powerbank in One - PHP 250

FluxMob Bolt

Various Cases for Older iPhone and Android smartphone models - PHP 50 each

There you go! Those are my cool finds at the Merry ShopTember Gadget Sale! Feel free to visit our friends at Macpower from 10AM to as late as 8PM on September 11 to 14, 2019.

If you have questions about the products or if you need a demo, just approach one of the many sales staff at the venue. Have fun at the sale and may you find the gadgets, bags, and accessories that you've long been wanting to get for yourself or a loved one.

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