RELX E-Cigarette Vape and E-Liquid Pods, Now Available in the Philippines : Starter Kit Price and Unboxing Photos

This TechPinas Unboxing post is intended for my readers who are 18 years old and above. Also, please note that this product contains Nicotine, which is an addictive chemical.

According to Cancer Research UK, evidence indicates that e-cigarettes or vape devices are far less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes as they don't contain tobacco or make use of heavy combustion. On top of that, there is no smoke, carbon monoxide, or tar and there are also lower levels of toxicants in e-cigarettes compared to tobacco-based cigarettes.

Those scientific facts are the main reasons why I said yes to RELX's invitation to check out their new Vape Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, which they have recently made available via Lazada Philippines for PHP 1,499 per unit with one E-Liquid Pod included.

There are still people who are close to me who smoke traditional cigarettes and I have personally seen the damage that this has caused to their overall health. They would cough from time and time and some would even complain about difficulty in breathing.

I know that further research has to be done to confirm the total safety of using electronic cigarettes but based on the accounts of my friends who have transitioned from using tobacco-based cigarettes to vape, I personally think that its good to study the benefits of these devices for smokers who want to reduce the physical harm caused by combustion, tar, or carbon monoxide but can't quite say no to nicotine just yet.

If you're wondering, RELX (pronounced "Relax") is one of the fastest growing e-cigarette companies in Asia Pacific with strong focus on e-cigarette research and development, product design, sales, and marketing.

According to RELX, they are committed to providing product quality and reliability as well as technological innovation and design that's accessible to adult smokers around the world.

I purchased my review RELX Starter Pack from Lazada and got it just one day after I placed my order. I got mine in Rose Gold, which I think is quite unique and eye-catching.

As you can see in the photos above, RELX Vape comes in a fairly small white box with the name and the image of the device printed on the cover. Following the law, there's also a warning about nicotine addiction placed on the cover and at the bottom of the pack.

Lifting the cover, we see this challenging yet thought-provoking message from RELX, "Break the habit", which I believe is about breaking the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes and choosing the arguably better option, which is vape.

The user guide is a small booklet which also includes a brief introduction about what RELX is all about as a brand and a company. It says, "Empowering adult smokers through technology and design, ethically."

They add, "Welcome to the truly RELXing experience. You are now the proud owner of a revolutional device: The RELX E-Cigarette. If you are ready to live life on your terms, cigarette-free, this device is for you. Painstakingly designed to bring together cutting-edge technology, world-class design, and unparalleled quality standards, the RELX e-cigarette delivers style and satisfaction, helping you feel your best, no matter what."

There's also information on how to charge the device properly: Plug it in to a USB charger. Wait an hour. And enjoy!

RELX E-Cigarette Vape device is powered by a 350 mAh battery which supports up to 600 mA maximum wattage when being charged. The pack delivers up to three days of uptime with average use or a whole day of heavy usage.

Let me show you all the other items in the official retail package.

First, we have this USB to microUSB connector cable for charging the unit. The heads are made of real metal and the cord itself has a tough exterior. I've seen many cables like this as a tech blogger and frankly, this one is the fanciest of them all. I like it!

This is the 2ml Mint-flavoured E-Liquid Pod that's included inside the box. Note that one pod contains Nicotine that's equivalent to 3 packs of traditional cigarettes.

This, on the other hand, is the flavored E-Liquid Pod that RELX bundled with my Starter Kit! All RELX pods are double-sealed to avoid leakage.

This is the device itself. As I've said, it's in Rose Gold. Crafted from anodized aluminum, the unit looks premium and actually feels rather durable.

At the bottom of the vape device, you will see the microUSB charging port.

Again, this is the complete retail package: The RELX E-Cigarette unit, the USB to microUSB charging cable, the Mint E-Liquid Pod, one flavoured Liquid Pod, and finally, the User Guide.

Here's how to use the RELX Vape, according to the company:

1. Throw away your last pack of cigarettes. (Sure!)
2. Unbox your new RELX E-Cigarette. (Done!)
3. Instert the Pod into the Device Chassis
4. Enjoy RELX, right out of the box.
5. Post a photo or a video online and give us a shout-out with the hashtag #switch2RELX

Note: No need to charge first, no need to twist, or snap anything open - just open the box, slip the pod in, an enjoy instantly.

Alright! Let's try this out.

I've chosen to open and use the 2ml flavoured E-Liquid Pod first because it smells really good. So sweet!

Like what RELX said, it's super easy to use their device. No need to twist, snap, or pry anything open. All you have to do is to remove the translucent plastic cap covering the copper plates of the pod and slide it inside the chassis.

There's no power button on the unit because there's no need for one. Just huff on the pod and this will automatically activate the device. It's quite amazing. This is one of the cutting-edge technologies that the company implemented on their electronic cigarette.

Currently, RELX E-Liquid Pod flavors include Fresh Red, Pink Zest, Blue Burst, Classic Tobacco, and Ludou Ice aside from Mint and Fruit, which I featured above.

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Vape Pods, RELX E-Liquid Pod

Alright! That's it for now. If you have any questions about RELX Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid Pods, just leave them in the comment section below or message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Cheers! Break the habit!

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