Realme Buds Air Neo Philippines Price is PHP 1,990, Key Features, Unboxing and Actual Photos

Aside from bringing more Android smartphone models to the Philippines, hotshot tech company realme is now launching more gadget accessories and IoT devices in our market.

The all-new realme Buds Air Neo, which is now officially available for PHP 1,990, lets you enjoy your favorite music tracks anytime, anywhere while looking hip and stylish!

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

This trendy pair of wireless earbuds gives you freedom from tangled wires all while delivering good audio quality for daily music playback.

On top of that, realme Buds Air Neo has six key features that are printed at the bottom of its yellow box.

1. Super Low Latency - Simply put, this means that the audio you will hear on the earbuds is largely in sync with the accompanying video. As you might have noticed in older Bluetooth headsets, sometimes the sound that you hear doesn't match what's happening on the video; This issue has been addressed by realme on this pair.

2. Dynamic Bass Boost - realme Buds Air Neo features a 13mm Large Driver that delivers above-average bass sound when you're listening to your favorite rock or RnB songs compared to older generation earbuds in this price echelon.

3. Open-up Auto Connection - After connecting realme Buds Air Neo to your Android smartphone through Google Fast Pair, it will automatically connect to your handset as soon as you open the cover of the charging case which I will show you in a bit.

4. Bluetooth 5.0 - This generation of Bluetooth technology doesn't only provide more secure pairing between devices but is also more energy-efficient.

5. Smart Touch Controls - realme Buds Air Neo has touch-sensitive panels on its shell that you can tap to play or pause music tracks.

6. All-Day Battery Life - Users can enjoy up to 17 hours of music listening experience using realme Buds Air Neo coming from 100% battery charge on both the pair and the charging case. This is great for long flights.

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

Now, let me show you all the items inside the box.

Lifting the cover, we see the high-gloss charging case containing the realme Buds Air Neo. The carrying case has a plastic lining to protect it during shipment.

Under the charging case and its black foam cradle, you will see a piece of paper that shows quick tips in using the realme Buds Air Neo. I suggest that you give it a quick glance before using the accessory.

There's also Start Guide inside the pack that also serves as your Warranty Card for the product.

Here. you can read about the different parts of the earbuds, including the ports and the buttons. You will also see important safety information as well as the product's warranty coverage.

There's also a Basic Parameter table for audio geeks who want to know exactly that the pair has to offer in terms of technical specifications.

The frequency range supported by realme Buds Air Neo is 2.42 - 2.483 GHz and the power is >- 6 DBM, <- 4DBM.

realme had included a short microUSB to USB cable for charging case using a powerbank or your smartphone's travel charger.

The small carrying case, which fits nicely in the pocket, has a singular button, which you will need to pairing the earbuds to a smartphone or for resetting them.

Right out of the box, you can pair your realme Buds Air Neo to your smartphone by opening the cover of the case and pressing this button for 3 seconds.

To reset the earbuds in case of faulty pairing, place them back in the case, keep the lid open, and press the same button for 10 seconds.

At the bottom of the realme Buds Air Neo charging case, you will see a microUSB port through which you can charge it. In comparison, the more expensive realme Buds Air has a USB Type C port as shown in the image above.

To check the battery life of the earbuds, just open the cover of the charging case. If you see steady green light, it means that the battery is more than 20%. If it's blinking, it means that it's less than 20% and you already need to charge it.

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

Now, let's take a closer look at the earbuds themselves.

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

As you can see, they have long stems just like that of the more expensive Apple Airpods.

In fact, to the untrained eye of those who are not too geeky, realme Buds Air Neo would look almost like Apple Airpods despite the former having a far more accessible price tag.

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

One identifying phyiscal feature of the realme Buds Air Neo compared to the realme Buds Air is that the new release has one hole located on the outer part of each bud's shell as shown in the photo above. I believe this hole serves as an air vent to minimize overheating also helps in better sound delivery.

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

Also, unlike realme Buds Air, the Buds Air Neo doesn't have a silver band at the tip of the stem, making it look more "minimalistic".

realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Neo Philippines

Interested in getting realme Buds Air Neo to be your main accessory for your realme Android smartphone? You might as well get it today - June 19, 2020 - to enjoy an exclusive price discount courtesy of realme! If you get the Buds Air Neo from LazadaPH on this date, you can purchase it for only PHP 1,790 while it's even more affordable at ShopeePH for just PHP 1,737. Either way, you can enjoy at least PHP 200 price cut from its PHP 1,990 official suggested retail price. So what are you waiting for? Grab your realme Buds Air Neo pair now!

PS: According to realme Philippines, for now, only the White variant of the Buds Air Neo will be available in the Philippines. However, they said that they will be bringing the Red and Green versions at a later time.

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