Realme Power Bank 2 Philippines Price is PHP 1,190 : 18W Fast Charging Powerbank Unboxing

Earlier today, I showed you the realme Buds Air Neo, which is one of the new AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) devices that the Chinese tech company is releasing here in the Philippines.

Now, let me show you the realme Power Bank 2, which has advanced features that make it an ideal complementary product to other realme devices - including Android smartphones and wireless earbuds - that are out in the market.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

Before I talk about its main selling points, let me share my unboxing photos of the official retail package that has an official suggested retail price of PHP 1,190.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

Just like current realme smartphones and earbuds, Power Bank 2 comes in this simple box colored yellow, which is the official corporate hue of realme.

On top, you will see a printed image of the Black version of the powerbank and on the other side, you will find a list of the six key features of realme Power Bank 2, which include the following:

1. 18W Quick Charge Support - Many smartphone these days, including the new realme 6i, support 18W wired fast charging. With this feature of realme Power Bank 2, you will be able to fully charge those handset models faster on the go.

2. Low Current Mode for AIoT Devices - These are some accessories like smart brands and fitness watches that require low current charging -- and you can rely on the realme Power Bank 2 to deliver just that to avoid damaging these products.

3. USB Type C Two-Way Input and Output Port - This powerbank has a USB Type C that you can use for charging it as well as for charging other devices.

4. 12 Layers of Circuit Protection - Have you ever had a powerbank that mysteriously died after the electrical outlet sparked when you plugged it in for charging? Well, it probably didn't have any circuit protection. realme Power Bank 2 has 12 layers of defense against such damage.

5. Dual Simultaneous Output - You can use both the USB port and the USB Type C port of realme Power Bank 2 to charge two devices at the same time with 3.1A total output.

6. High-Density Lithium Polymer Battery - Despite having a high 10,000 mAh capacity, realme Power Bank is almost as small and light as a regular smartphone.

To reveal the AIoT device inside the box, we have to cut the sticker seal at the bottom of the pack and pull the protruding tab.

realme Power Bank 2 lies in a plastic cradle that helps protect it during shipment.

I'll show you more of the powerbank later. For now, let's check out the other items inside the box.

Here's the user manual that gives you the device's full technical specifications as well as the instructions for use.

This mini pamphlet also serves as your warranty card for enjoying after-sales support in case your powerbank shows signs of damage not caused by human factors or force majeure.

I like that realme had provided a two-in-one charging cable in the pack. This one has a microUSB tip with a USB Type C cap or adapter.

This means that you just need to carry this one cable for charging your realme 6i, 6, or 6 Pro that all have a USB Type C port and your realme Buds Air Neo with a microUSB port on the go.

Alright! Now, let's take a closer look at the realme Power Bank 2 unit itself.

This AIoT device comes replete with a plastic outer case with micro-line finish, shown in the image above, that makes it easier to hold in the hand as it adds friction against the skin.

What I have here is the eye-catching Yellow colorway with Black realme branding. I believe the company is also releasing a Black colorway with Yellow branding. I prefer the variant that I'm showing since Yellow is the corporate hue of realme.

I used my Spring Return Measuring Tape to get the dimensions of realme Power Bank 2 and based on my readings, it's 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and half an inch thick.

Yes, it's a bit long but at least it's not thick or bulky. I mean, if you put this inside your jeans' front pocket, it will look like you're carrying just another smartphone.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

On the top panel, you will find the USB output port, the USB Type C in-and-out port, the LED indicator lights, and the button for checking the amount of charge available. You may also click on this button to commence charging in case it doesn't start upon plugging to the device.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

Again, this is how realme Power Bank 2 looks it in hand. What can you say about the big branding? I think that if you're a big realme fan, you should be proud to own this one.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

I really like this Mango-Yellow color because it pops and it's refreshing compared to the usual black, silver, or grey color of many powerbanks in the market.

realme Power Bank 2 Philippines, realme PowerBank 2

realme Power Bank 2 is now available at the official realme store in Lazada and Shopee Philippines. If you buy it today - June 19, 2020 - you should get at least PHP 200 off the regular SRP as part of the company's introductory offer for this AIoT device. So get it as soon as you can!

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