is The Top Website for Downloading Free MP3 Music in the Philippines, Based on SimilarWeb Stats

Based on data gathered and presented by web analytics company SimilarWeb, remains to be the top website in the Philippines for downloading free MP3 music files.

With around 80 Million SimilarWeb-measured global pageviews in June 2020 - 8.88% or 7.1 Million of which coming from the Philippines, is currently the 21st most visited website in our country., MP3 Juices

So how does work, you ask? Well, it's essentially an online service that automatically and conveniently converts Youtube videos into MP3 files. As such, the tracks that you will get from the website typically come from official music videos or lyric videos of your favorite songs on Youtube. I've seen some users use this website too for downloading the audio from documentaries and product reviews.

Is it legal or not? Some say MP3Juices is legal because they don't host any file in their own server, providing users with just a download link. On the other hand, many say it is not because, as you all know, you have to purchase the rights to own a music track which musicians worked hard to create. Personally, I think it all depends on the MP3 track that you will download. If you search for copyright-free or royalty-free music and creators give others the freedom to download the track without having to pay, I think it should be alright.

How do you use this website? Simply go to, search for the royalty-free track that you want to download, click on the result that looks good to you, tap on the download link, check your Downloads folder, and play the MP3 track.


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