Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic Unboxing and Actual Unit Photos Plus Eight Things I Like About It

With social media and the internet as a whole becoming more and more toxic by the day, I'm sure many of you are now thinking about going back to basics when it comes to the way you connect to other people through technology and simplifying your mobile experience.

If you are currently in dire need of a digital detox, here's a new feature phone from HMD Global - the new home of Nokia - that I highly recommend you check out.

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic

The freshly released Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic is HMD Global's reimagined version of one of Nokia's biggest selling handsets from earlier this century.

Available in Black and White - both with Red side accents, this phone was officially released in the Philippines on June 19, 2020 with a suggested retail price of just PHP 2,090.

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic

Before I give you the five features of this model that I really like, let me share with you these unboxing photos so you know what you'll get in case you decide to buy it.

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic

Nokia 5310 2020 comes in this rather flat white box with the phone's images printed on the cover and the rear. On the bottom part, you will find a list of the handset's key technical specifications which I also talk more about in a bit.

LOOK: Watch my TechPinas Unboxing of Nokia 5310 XpressMusic 2020 on Youtube. In this video, I also gave an overview about the key features of this phone along with a walk-through of its user interface.

If you're wondering, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic - or at least, my unit - is made in Vietnam. Historically, Nokia has always worked with factories in Vietnam for assembling their feature phones.

Lifting the cover, you will be greeted by the handset wrapped in this transparent plastic container that helps protect it during shipment.

Let's check out all the items inside the official retail package apart from the phone.

Whereas many Android smartphones these days no longer have wired earphones in their boxes, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic comes with this pair of Nokia branded standard headphones. Sure, its sound quality is not stellar but hey, at least, it's there.

The travel charger features tangle-resistant flat wires and supports low-voltage 550mA output.

Instead of a booklet, Nokia 5310's Quick Guide is printed back to back on this long-bond-paper-sized sheet that's neatly folded to the size of a business card.

This the phone's 1,200 mAh BL-4UL Li-Ion battery pack, which has a rather large capacity for a device like this.

Prying the back over open, we see the Dual regular SIM card slots and the microSD card slot for expanding storage space or for playing your favorite MP3 tracks using Nokia 5310 2020.

Alright! Now, let me share with you the eight things that I really like about this handset, which prompted me to recommend it for those who are planning to simplify their mobile experience or who are looking for a decent secondary phone for making calls or sending SMS, among other uses.

1. Classic Nokia Design and Interface

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic features a classic candybar design language that the Finnish Tech Giant popularized during its heydays, which practically baby-boomers and millennials should be more than familiar with.

The app grid user interface, reminiscent of Symbian, is also very easy to navigate using the tactile keyboard and navigation button.

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic Philippines

2. Very Loud Speaker

This handset features two powerful front-facing speakers on the top and bottom parts of its face that - together - can rival the volume of some affordable Bluetooth speakers out in the market.

3. Wireless FM Radio

For me, one of the coolest features of the new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is its wireless FM radio that allows you to listen to your favorite stations without having to plug-in a wired headset or earphones to serve as the antenna.

If you are an audiophile who must have an some music constantly playing in your bedroom, this phone practically doubles as your radio thanks to this feature plus the loudspeaker.

4. True XpressMusic Model

Like its predecessor from 2007, the 2020 Nokia 5310 XpressMusic also has large volume up and down buttons on the left panel plus Back, Forward, Play, and Pause dedicated buttons on the right side.

Using the dedicated microSD card slot, you can play your favorite songs using this phone and you can even plug in your powerful headset to get a better music-listening experience anytime, anywhere.

5. Classic Mobile Games

What's an original Nokia candybar phone without the Classic Snake game?

Nokia 5310 2020 ships with the updated version of that game for this platform as well as Asphalt 6 that come in handy for destressing after a long day or for passing time while waiting for a friend.

You can even download more games using your prepaid load.

6. Long Battery Life

Nokia 5310's high-capacity battery pack delivers up to 20.7 hours of mobile call talk time and up to a whopping 30 days of standby time!

If you'll be using this a secondary phone to your iPhone or Android smartphone for calls or SMS, you definitely won't have to charge it on daily basis. For me, this feature makes it a great handset to keep in an emergency kit.

7. Useful Utility Features

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic comes with Torch Light that's handy for looking for stuff in your bag or inside your car's compartment at night. It also features a VGA camera that's good for taking photos of grocery lists or other things that you need to be reminded of when you go out. Additionally, the handset has an Opera Mini web browser as well as Calculator, Calendar, and Notes apps.

8. Rather Large Screen with Big Fonts for a Basic Phone

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic Philippines

Nokia 5310 2020 XpressMusic flaunts a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 pixels TFT colored display that - I have to say - is quite sizable for a candybar feature phone. If you'll be gifting this handset to your mom or dad, I'm sure they will also appreciate the large fonts on the screen which are very easy to read.

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Mobile technology has grown tremendously over the past decade, turning our phones into powerful computers that fit in our pocket. With our current smartphones, we can watch movies, TV series, or vlogs even while we are on the road and we can even create our own films using their 4K cameras. Our handsets allow us to share our lengthy thoughts and read the ideas of big celebrities or even just our close friends. In many ways, our top-of-the-line handsets allow us to do more -- but inarguably, they have also made our lives more complicated and sometimes, more stressful.

Perhaps, we need to take a step back from time to time and experience life from a more technologically simple point of view. I believe the new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic gives us that gift and opportunity.

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