CHERRY Low Carb Rice Cooker Price is PHP 4,500, Great for Health Buffs!

Here in the Philippines, rice is a staple that definitely shouldn’t go missing from every meal. And since many Pinoys love dining with loved ones, it's no surprise that the useful and convenient rice cooker is one of the most popular appliances in our households.

Now that we are able to spend more time inside the comfort of our homes, I think we should make the most out of this opportunity by exploring our kitchens and discovering how we can make the usually plain rice into something more palatable and healthy.

CHERRY Low-Carb Rice Cooker

To make the typical chore of cooking rice more rewarding, why not level up the fun with the Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker?

This home gadget is a genius invention that's perfect for those who can't shy away from carbs but must also strictly observe their diet. Great for health buffs, this device has a healthy low-carb rice cooking feature as well as patented rice water draining technology which efficiently separate sugar from rice.

For the self-confessed food connoisseur, this home appliance is pure bliss as it has eight cooking methods, allowing you to prepare various kinds of rice - including Thai Rice, Pearl Rice, Brown Rice, Normal Rice, among many others - and even other mouthwatering dishes like like Soup and Porridge.

CHERRY Low Carb Rice Cooker's elegant white exterior and intuitive touch-panel display are perfect design highlights that can make your kitchen look more elegant and more exquisite. 

CHERRY Low-Carb Rice Cooker

This home gadget also features automatic power-off protection to avoid dry burning no matter how much rice you prepare with its large 5-Liter capacity, perfect for gatherings and huge families. 

CHERRY Low Cab Rice Cooker is definitely a kitchen must-have for every rice-loving gastronome -- and you can now enjoy all these features now for only PHP 4,500.

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