Five Signs You're Getting Serious About Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA games around. Often called Mobile Legends, MLBB, or ML, this game recently posted a whopping 78 million logged-in players in a month and peak usage of 8 million players in one day. ML also holds regular local and international tournaments, and is also an officially recognized esports event in the Southeast Asian Games since 2019.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile Game

What’s great about Mobile Legends is that it’s a fun game that everyone can enjoy. It’s easy enough to learn for newbie gamers but also has enough challenging mechanics that will please the pros. Speaking of pros, do you feel as if you’re getting a little more intense when playing ML? If your answer is yes, then check out this quick list to see if you’re getting serious about ML—maybe even ready for the big leagues!

You’re Carefully Planning Your Diamonds Purchase and Usage

One of the most exciting things about ML is the wide range of characters (heroes) you can use. There’s a good selection of free to play heroes available when you start, while some are unlockable using battle points and tickets that you earn as you play.

The problem is that using battle points and tickets alone to access characters can take a lot of time. If you want to speed things up a little, you can also use diamonds—the in-game currency in ML—to instantly purchase heroes and other products like hero skins and items.

There are many ways to purchase diamonds in ML, and this includes gaming pins. Some gamers prefer this method, since it often has freebies or discounts that you can’t get anywhere else. After all, diamonds cost real-world money and you only want to get the most out of your investment.

The bottomline here is that by unlocking heroes sooner using diamonds, you can use them more often and learn the best way to play them. This helps you become a well-rounded player that can adapt to any gaming situation, be it a casual match or a ranked game.

You Know Your Heroes and the Current Meta

Sure you consider yourself an expert at one, two, or maybe even three heroes, but do you know which one can counter another’s skills? Can you play other heroes besides your favorites? Are you aware of the most efficient hero combos and how to use them? Do you know each hero’s passive abilities and the best situations where these abilities apply. These are just a few signs of a player who’s really serious about ML.

Beyond these, more committed players also know which heroes are considered the meta for each update. There are usually a couple of them at a time, like Guison and Helcurt, or Lancelot and Angela. These meta heroes are often banned during drafts, which means you really have to learn how to play other characters. There are currently more than 100 playable heroes in ML and more are continuously being added, so it can be challenging to know how to use everyone. Still, serious gamers endeavor to discover a hero if only to figure out how they can be beaten.

You Can Fulfill Any Team Role

Mobile Legends players usually have a team role that they prefer, whether it’s tanking, DPS-ing, or supporting other heroes. However, more serious players will be able to perform any role depending on the situation. In addition and perhaps more importantly, a good ML player knows their positioning no matter if they’re using an assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support, or tank.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile Game

Do note that in professional teams, there are members who specialize in certain heroes (which is why some players have their trademark heroes). Nevertheless, a sign of a serious ML player is that they can effectively play no matter which character they’re given.

You Know Every Single Thing About Items

ML heroes can carry a total of six items at a time. These items can be classified into the following categories: attack, defense, jungle, magic, and movement. Moreover, ML items types and tiers. Item types are either basic and advanced, while item tiers are tier I, II, and III. Finally, certain items have unique passives that can benefit you and your allies.

If you’re serious about Mobile Legends, then you probably know all of these items in detail. What’s more, you know when to use them effectively to achieve your goals. Do you need more buffs and gold? Do you need to slow down the enemy? Do you need a more long-lasting shield so you can attack without worrying about interruption? You always know the right item to use in every situation. You also have fun experimenting with different item combinations.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile Game

You Enjoy Helping Other Players

Last but certainly not least, a good sign that you’re getting more serious about Mobile Legends is that you’re a treasure trove of knowledge. You provide new players advice, and some players may even recommend you to newbies. You may not be a master at using all the heroes, but you do know the strengths and weaknesses of each. Most importantly, you truly enjoy helping other players get better and aren’t considered “toxic” in the community.

Mobile Legends continues to evolve as a game, and it’s safe to say that it will remain a popular title for years. In short, you can hop in and get seriously good at ML any time you want!

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