Smart Unli Data Promo 99 and 299, How To Subscribe and What I Learned After Subscribing

One of the best things that Smart Communications - the Philippines' leading mobile services provider - has done amidst this pandemic is to offer their all-new Unli Data prepaid promos to all Pinoys.

With all of our worries and concerns in these trying times, it's nice to have mobile data promos that allow us to stay connected with our loved ones, help us accomplish our tasks for school and work, and remove all hassles in planning data usage efficiently -- all at the same time.

Smart Unli Data Promo 99 299

With Smart Unli Data 99 and 299, you can visit any website or run any application you want without having to be mindful of how much data you will consume.

Smart Unli Data 99 Promo has a validity period of seven (7) days while Smart Unli Data 299 Promo is good for thirty (30) days.

Smart Unli Data Promo

How to Subscribe?

The easiest way to subscribe to Smart Unli Data Promo 99 and 299 is using the updated Smart GigaLife application that you can download for free on your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

Smart Unli Data Promo 99 299

Simply register an account if you haven't, log in, then click on the "Unli Data" box in the Favorites section of the application. Next, just choose from either Smart Unli Data 99 or Smart Unli Data 299 -- just make sure that your load is enough to cover it.

Smart Unli Data Promo

Once you've registered for the promo, it will be reflected in the subscriptions section of the Smart GigaLife application.

Smart Unli Data Promo 99 299

If you're wondering if you can subscribe to Smart Unli Data using *123#, I've tried it and it seems that Smart has yet to add the promo to current choices on the interface.

Smart *123#

How fast is Smart Unli Data connection?

I've tried running Speedtest on my Android smartphone while I'm subscribed to Smart Unli Data 99 and as shown in the image above, I got 5.78 Mbps Download Speed and 3.35 Mbps Upload Speed. Running the test several times, I'd say that the Download Speed range is around 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps and Upload Speed is roughly 3Mbps to 4 Mbps in my location here in Metro Manila.

I've also tried using my smartphone as a WiFi device while subscribed to the promo and on my laptop, I got 5.67 Mbps Download Speed and 3.33 Mbps Upload Speed, which are in line with the conclusion I made above.

Can you watch Youtube videos and play Mobile Games using Smart Unli Data Promos?

Given the data speeds that I usually get from the promo, I often play Youtube videos just in 720p HD to minimize loading or long pauses. Although, it's possible to watch clips in FullHD without any guarantee that there won't be loading lags.

As for mobile games, I've tried playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang using Smart Unli Data 99 and what I noticed is that sometimes, the game takes too long to load. Also, I've experienced in-game lags and stuttering.

I guess if you love watching Youtube videos in FullHD or 4K and you are a heavy gamer, you might want to consider subscribing to Smart GIGA Video or Smart GIGA Games promos instead. Smart's dedicated mobile data promos for Videos and Gaming provide faster speeds necessary for a smooth experience when doing those activities on your devices.

For whom is Smart Unli Data Promo? Is it the right promo for you?

I think Smart Unli Data Promos will be great for you if you just need to always stay connected to the internet for school, work, and play -- and you don't really need a very fast connection.

If you don't want to always worry about how much data you are consuming and you want the freedom to visit any website or to download whatever application you need, then I believe Smart Unli Data 99 and 299 are ideal for you.

Personally, I think Smart Unli Data Promos give great value for money in these challenging times and they're also something that budget-conscious students and young professionals can rely on for online learning and work-from-home arrangements amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Having said that, I'm grateful to Smart for offering these timely Unli Data promos -- but I hope that the company could increase the caps on download and upload speeds to make the promos even more useful for subscribers.

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