Go Shopping Philippines Application, Officially Launched! 100% Filipino e-Commerce Virtual Mall!

As cashless transactions are foreseen to more than double between the period 2025 to 2030, Go Shopping Philippines recently launched a new virtual GSP Mall that aims to deliver a safe and quality purchasing experience as well as a new digital lifestyle never yet experienced by Filipinos from prevailing E-commerce apps.

Go Shopping Philippines
Go Shopping Philippines Virtual Mall

Price Waterhouse Coopers predicted that more than any part of the world, Asia Pacific - including the Philippines, will experience the biggest growth in cashless transactions, leaping by 109% in 2025 from their 2020 level.

The COVID-19 pandemic did usher consumers to speedy access to everything they need from the safety and comfort of their homes. But GSP is making this experience even more rewarding and exciting with a vast line of products and services that carry an assurance of quality from partner brands.

Go Shopping Philippines Executives Officials Partners
The executives, officials, and partners of Go Shopping Philippines introduced the Virtual Mall to Bloggers and Members of the Media on July 31, 2021 via Zoom Meeting.

By accessing GSP's free mobile app, one can have his or her desired product delivered at his or her doorstep via GSP’s Smart Logistics. The logistics systems aggregates third party couriers with warehouse and delivery services. Ensuring safety and security, GSP has an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that automates business processes including warehousing and logistics.

GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil G. La-as envisioned back in 2019 a big digital mall that offers quality products that consumers deserve. He believes online transactions do not need to be disappointing as many consumers experience these days. They expect to get value for their money despite doing the orders before actually seeing the products. Aware of such frustrating experiences from online purchases as he himself experienced it, La-as said GSP ensures that its merchants are committed to providing global standard of services. GSP’s E commerce site requires merchants to provide certifications on the authenticity of the products that they plan to sell in the GSP Mall.

Go Shopping Philippines Mobile App
Go Shopping Philippines mobile app is now available for download via Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

In a partnership with GEP, which is a known builder of huge E-commerce sites, the GSP Mall will give consumers the digital mall experience they just once imagined through technological innovations. It should ensure full satisfaction from consumers who demand value for their money.

GSP also utilizes Artificial Intelligence advancements. GSP Mall’s Analytics Program enables its merchants to systematically sell goods based on data, statistics, and market demographics.

A fraud detection system, on top of firewalls, secures GSP Mall’s transactions. Its double protection security systems ensure that when cyber-attacks are attempted against the system, at the worst case scenario, only a portion and not the entire ecosystem can be affected. This is the backbone of the self-locking capability of the digital mall systems’ various components.

To keep GSP users protected, a verification system is required to ensure that a real person is making the transaction. This is done through a rigid KYC (know your customer) process, in which the user is asked to take a selfie of himself showing a copy of his legitimate ID card.

Go Shopping Philippines Mobile App
Go Shopping Philippines has various sections and categories that cater to the needs of every Filipino

As GSP promises to give what once can only be imagined, the features of the mega app are all-encompassing - leaving one without anything to ask for even in the middle of the pandemic’s lockdowns. Even specialty professional services like diagnostic clinics, gallery and museum services, tailoring services, legal and other consultancy services are traditionally found in brick and mortar stores. The GSP mall will have them all easily accessible to interested buyers or subscribers.

These services, though, will be offered one phase at a time. Four exciting features are already live as of this soft launch. The GFlix offers on-demand movies - both local and international - now possible for viewing via one’s mobile phone. GO LIVE is a livestreaming platform for conferences, trade exhibitions, and events. GO CINEPLEX is a 3D virtual cinema that has multiple halls, secured online ticketing system, and high-quality audio and video setup. Theatre shows, live presentations, fashion showsm, and sports activities can now all be viewed virtually at the flick of a finger. 

The first mega digital mall in the Philippines will also have its own GoTV show. This will soon air 24/7 to entertain users any hour of the day, or night. It will also include select television programs that will be accessible anywhere through one’s smartphone.

GSP has also partnered with mega travel apps, travel agencies, and tourism boards so that anyone can book his travels in the fastest, most convenient means. For the payment system, GSP Mall has partnered with payment centers, banks, and fintech (financial technology firms (GCash, Paymaya, etc) for the ultimate convenience of paying online.

Go Shopping Philippines
For tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks, Go Shopping Philippines has a dedicated section for electronics. MemoXpress is one of their partners for this.

Even government services can be availed of through GSP's mobile app. Filipinos can take advantage of this for renewing passport or driver’s license, getting a PAGIBIG or Social Security System ID, applying for clearances and accessing public documents, among others.

Go Shopping Philippines Electronics Gadgets Store

Technology truly democratized access to e-commerce services. However, even in a globalized economy, so few platforms support local products. GSP doesn't only embrace proudly Pinoy brands but also provides a trade hall for local micro small medium enterprises (MSME), giving small merchants the chance to step up to the global supply chain.

Go Shopping Philippines Mobile App

Aside from adding value to these small merchants and giving small businesses the needed boost in marketing their products, the application also allows them to showcase their products to users across the country. For those who love buying local goods as "pasalubong", GSP provides access to products that we used to only enjoy when out-of-town; These include Durian Candy from Davao, Mango Tamarind of Cebu, Pili Tart from Bicol, and Arabica Coffee from Bukidnon, just to name a few.

About Neil Garcia La-as

Neil Garcia La-as is a street-smart, self-initiated businessman from humble beginnings.

Neil Garcia La-as

From his start as a low-key immigration business development officer, he became a real estate market development manager. There he had a record of closing 88 Million AED worth of deals single-handedly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. His knack for managing a multinational workforce landed big deals for the property developers in the UAE.

He later became an entrepreneur after he worked as leasing manager of the biggest mall operation in the Philippines. Currently, he owns the brand Bakku2Basik, an array of natural skin care products and essential oils that rakes in millions of revenues each year.

Yes, Neil comes from very humble beginnings who has big dreams; Thus, he works doubly hard to make this GSP dream happen.

The Go Shopping Philippines grand launch will happen in November this year.

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