Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions You Can Use for Blogging or Creating Written Content Online

The great thing about starting a blog these days is that you no longer have to follow strict categories and you can be very specific in the niche that you want to talk about. For instance, you can share details about a dog breed you are way too familiar with or you can even talk about a particular luxury bag brand, your own surgery experiences, or even just the results of online betting at 22Bet sportsbook. Name it. Regardless of the topic you prefer, you can be sure that there are people who will love reading your content, especially if it's personal and sincere.

On top of that, there are now plenty of tools online that can help you with blogging or creating written content online. For instance, there are many free Chrome browser extensions that can help content creators become more productive.

We have collected plugins that are useful for bloggers for creating high-quality content. You can use these to pump up your browser to make your work on the web not only productive and comfortable but also fun and enjoyable.

Save to Pocket

Save To Pocket Chrome Extension

What should you do if you find an interesting article online but you don't have time to read it immediately? Pocket sure comes in handy for that situation. This extension allows you to quickly add articles to a special online repository and return to them at any convenient time. You can read the added content on the service site or any device with the Pocket app. (Get Save To Pocket)


Bloggers often have to search for information on multiple sites. As a result, a large number of open tabs accumulate in the browser. If there are too many, the site names do not fit anymore - it makes tab navigation much more difficult. The Tabli plugin solves this problem. It displays tabs as a vertical list. So you can see the names of the sites you want to visit, and you can easily switch between them. (Get Tabli)


If you're concerned about the security of your accounts, LastPass comes in handy. This service generates, remembers, and automatically enters unique passwords for various apps and sites for you. Your user data is stored securely in an encrypted cloud safe. Add the LastPass extension to your browser and install its app (Android, iOS) on your smartphone - all your passwords will be at your fingertips on any device. (Get LastPass)

If you visit a lot of sites regularly and do not want to type in their addresses every time, you may need a bookmark manager. is one of the most convenient, stylish and functional services in this niche. Thanks to the extension of the same name, you can instantly add any sites to your bookmarks by grouping them using a flexible category system. A list of your favorite resources will always be at your fingertips on or in a mobile app (Android, iOS). (Get

Dark Reader

At night, black letters on a white background can make your eyes tired. Chrome won't let you change the colors of web pages, but the Dark Reader extension solves the problem. It allows you to easily customize the color schemes of websites to suit your eyes. (Get Dark Reader)

Google Docs Offline

With this extension, you can use Google Docs as well as Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations without being connected to the web. In other words, you get a full-fledged and free office suite for working with documents, capable of replacing expensive Microsoft Office programs. (Get Docs)


Nimbus Chrome Extension

For a blogger, it is important not only to take photos and shoot video but also to take screenshots. Nimbus is a universal tool for working with screenshots. You can take screenshots of the whole page, the visible area or just the necessary fragment. Nimbus also has a built-in editor, which allows you to add text and various marks to images. (Get Nimbus)

It's never too late to start a new blog or to revamp an old one that you haven't updated for so long. Use these Google Chrome browser tools to become a more successful and well-read blogger moving forward. Cheers!

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