Which Debit Cards Does Binance Accept For Buying Cryptocurrency in the Philippines?

I just thought of dedicating one article here in TechPinas to answer a question I've been getting rather frequently from Filipinos who became curious about trading cryptocurrency after Shiba Inu took off a couple of weeks ago.

"Sir Mark, which debit cards here in the Philippines can I use to purchase cryptocurrency via Binance website or application?"

Debit Cards in the Philippines, Unionbank Debit Card for Binance

Well, I can only answer that question based on my own experience.

I've tried both my BPI Debit Card and BDO Debit Card to purchase cryptocurrency through Binance -- and both didn't work. I'm not sure why but they just didn't.

Currently, my only debit card that works with Binance is my Unionbank EON Debit Card. They charge a small transfer fee, which I think is already bundled with Binance's transaction fee.

Unionbank has always been at the forefront of embracing the latest financial and banking digital trends so this makes a lot of sense.

I remember, 10 years ago, the only way that I could withdraw money from PayPal here in the Philippines was through Unionbank EON Account. Eventually, other banks followed suit -- but I have to commend Unionbank for being the first to allow that.

Anyway. I'm not sure if others have found a way to use their BPI or BDO Debit Cards to buy coins via Binance but personally, I haven't been successful with it. If you've found a way to do it, please leave a comment below to help and enlighten others regarding the process.

Also, for experienced traders, if you have Debit Cards issued by other banks that you have used to purchase cryptocurrency through Binance, please let us know. Cheers!

PS: If you're totally new to the world of cryptocurrency, I suggest you do your extensive research first before making the jump and spending so much money on Binance. You can lose money quickly trading cryptocurrency if you don't know what you're doing.

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