TECNO Mobile Smartphone Camera Features Will Level Up Greatly in 2022

TECNO Mobile, a key innovator in the mobile smartphone ecosystem, recently discussed the future of imaging technologies with industry experts and shared recent company breakthroughs.

TECNO outlined its latest technologies and achievements at a webinar entitled “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk”. The event, which was organized with Counterpoint, featured webinar speakers who shared developments in mobile imaging technology.

At the digital event, TECNO highlighted its advances in dark complexion imaging and recent breakthroughs regarding light sensitivity, image and video stabilization, zoom and high-resolution – powered by technologies such as RGBW and G+P, Sensor Shift and Telescopic Lens.

TECNO Mobile Smartphone Camera Technology
TECNO's very own telescopic lens innovation will be released in 2022.

TECNO Leads the Imaging Technology Innovation Trend

TECNO believes that by Q1 2022, it will have products on the market that will allow users to take studio-quality photos and videos without professional skills. New generation smartphones will enable users to create revolutionary expressive content with distinctive traits which is beyond the capability of traditional mobile cameras.

To achieve these breakthroughs, the company will have to put larger sensor sizes, image and video stabilization, high-frequency anti-shaking capabilities, and continuous lossless zoom on their smartphones in the near future.

“Leading-edge cameras is one of the pillars supporting TECNO’s success in global emerging markets. With ‘Stop at Nothing’ as our brand spirit, our team at TECNO Image Technology is continuously innovating to achieve breakthroughs in mobile imaging technologies,” said Mr. Li Jiangtao, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and Head of TAIVOS Lab.

He added, “Looking ahead, TECNO continues to strive for excellence in AI-enhanced algorithms and software, as well as hardware specifications, to deliver cutting-edge imaging performance.”

TECNO likewise shared these recent achievements in Mobile Camera Technology:

TECNO Mobile Smartphone Camera Technology

First Android Smartphone Brand to Integrate Sensor-Shift Technology 

TECNO plans to release its Sensor-Shift technology in 2022, making itself the first mobile phone brand in the Android system to do so. 

Sensor-Shift is an image stabilization technology that uses sensor movements instead of lens movements to compensate for vibrations. In the future, the control accuracy of TECNO’s Sensor-Shift will reach 350% of the current level with further algorithm optimization. With this technology, consumers will be able to take studio-quality photos with greater precision and less blur.

TECNO Mobile Smartphone Camera Technology

TECNO Concept Phone with a Telescopic Lens in Q1 2022  

The telescopic lens on an upcoming TECNO concept phone has the advantage of having a large aperture and continuous lossless zoom. Consumers will benefit from better quality for profile and telephotograph as well as its multi-purpose functionality.

Moreover, a compressed back focal length (BFL) design with motorized stretchable lenses will significantly reduce the thickness of the phone, integrating consumers’ demands for simple appearance and high performance. TECNO’s concept phone with a telescopic lens will come out in Q1 2022.

TECNO Mobile Smartphone Camera Technology

Significant Progress in Light Sensitivity

Cameras on future TECNO phones in 2022 will be powered by a self-developed RGBW sub-pixel rendering algorithm that increases the light captured by the CMOS sensor by 60%. Light intake will be further enhanced by 30% thanks to the G+P (glass + plastic) lens technology, resulting in an overall 200% increase and bringing a revolutionary low-light imaging experience to consumers.

As of writing, some tech pundits already consider TECNO as the industry leader and standard setter for dark complexion imaging. Steadily rising in popularity in emerging markets, TECNO empowers consumers to express their lifestyles and passions through powerful smartphone imaging innovation.

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