Five Games That Will Get Your Body Moving For Fitness and Health

Due to the COVID Pandemic that kept us at home and limited our physical activities, staying in shape has become a challenge for many. 

To the numerous quarantine periods, health-conscious people are now shifting to indoor activities to stay fit. They know that simply doing indoor household stuff will not help one to stay in shape -- and thankfully, the gaming community has come up with an innovative solution to tackle this problem. 

Many video games are now available on different platforms to ensure that the players sweat while playing them for both fitness and health. Here is a list of five such games that will get your body moving.

1. Ring Fit Adventure

This game is available in Nintendo Switch and it is one of the best video games available on the platform, gaining much popularity during the pandemic. 

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is an RPG-themed video game where the player will have to defeat the Dragaux, a body-building dragon. While fighting the dragon, the player has to engage in strength exercise, among others. 

The game is a fun way to engage in a cardio workout that also involves jogging in the different colorful landscapes in the world of video games. Playing this game is like working as a delivery person for services like India Post and Pakistan Post while enjoying different landforms across the globe. 

What makes Ring Fit Adventure interesting is the vibrant landscape, the settings that are difficult enough to make the player sweat. One can also try freestyle workout mode while playing the game. 

2. Just Dance

The Just Dance is a popular game available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation. Just Dance game is a motion-based rhythm game where the player dances with various genres of music. 

In this game, the player basically needs to move their body the way it is shown on the television screen. With the correct moves, the player can get a better score. Recently, Just Dance introduced the Gym Sweat mode which helps them to burn calories. 

3. Zumba Fitness: World Party

If you want to have fun while playing and working out, Zumba Fitness: World Party could be the ideal game for you. This title is available on platforms like Xbox One and Xbox 360. 

Zumba Fitness World Party

The game comprises 45 pre-set classes and in addition to that, it also supports workouts that can be customized. One can also use the Zumba Fitness: World Party game for learning different dance styles. The world tour mode of Zumba Fitness: World Party allows the player to enjoy songs from different destinations of the world. 

The scoring of the game is based on the number of calories burnt and the fitness goal that the players have met. 

4. Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing is available on Nintendo Switch and it's great for someone who loves practicing combat arts. 

In Fitness Boxing, the player is provided with a virtual trainer and the player needs to punch to meet the goals. The motion detection technique is used for working out while playing the game. 

Based on the BMI of the player, a workout routine is also provided to the player. The player can likewise customize the look of the trainer and work around the difficulty level of the workout. 

5. Beat Saber

This game is available on PlayStation and Windows. A VR headset is recommended when playing it. 

Beat Saber is a rhythm game wherein the player needs to move according to the beat of the music while destroying cubes. 

Beat Saber

The game provides the player with information about the movement of the hand for hitting the cubes. As the levels in the game progress, the rhythm of Beat Saber increases and the cubes start to move faster. 

In most of the levels of Beat Saber, the player has to bend from one side to another and then duck and move the arms for maximum calorie-burn!

Playing even one of these games will ensure that you manage to move your body while staying inside the house. Depending upon the type of workout that you enjoy, you can download the workout game that best interests you. 

If you do not have the platforms in which these games operate, you can always look out for similar titles that are available on common platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.  

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